My Kitchen floor


My Kitchen floor is great.

My kitchen floor

It’s cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, as we have ‘under soil heating’ as my Dad calls it. Being true to my breed, I am always on the look out for extra morsels of food & the kitchen floor is a great source for this.

Why Mum & Dad don’t lick up the crumbs they drop I’ll never know – human behaviour can be very strange.

Speaking of which, they are constantly moving things from the cupboard that goes swoosh & whirr into the silent cupboard. When the things get loaded into the cupboard that goes swoosh & whirr, it is a great opportunity to get some tasty supplements to my diet.

Me loading the swoosh & whirr cupboard

However when they are unloaded to go into the silent cupboard, I don’t get a chance to lick them as the cupboards are so close together, this is always done so quickly!

The silent cupboard...

On the odd occasion I have managed a lick, I find all the flavour has gone at this stage anyway!

A little bit about me:

I had a career as a Guide Dog scheduled for me, which is very noble and I admire all my friends that went on to complete the course, but quite frankly, I didn’t fancy the hours. So I somehow managed to convince the GDBA doctor that my minor medical ailments would be difficult for an unsighted person to cope with. Result!

I came to my new home in North Buckinghamshire Easter 2012 when I was 18 months old and I am now a Lady of leisure, who lunches and rolls in Fox poo.

My Dad, who has worked at Blum for 12 years, types my blogs as my paws are too big for the keyboard and the Ipad does not recognise my voice properly!

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