I was pleasantly surprised recently that I had the opportunity to work at a like minded company to the one I work for.

The Siemens showroom and training facility in Milton Keynes has just undergone a dramatic transformation. The aim was to utilise dead storage space and create accessible storage areas.

Blum TANDEMBOX antaro full extension drawers in use

Blum TANDEMBOX antaro full extension drawers in use

They have achieved this by using full extension Blum TANDEMBOX antaro drawers, instead of static shelves to store their kitchen wares. Then instead of using plastic inserts that wasted valuable space, Blum ORGA-LINE Cutlery and Utensil divider sets have been used to sub divide all the drawers. This is so that anyone taking part in training sessions can easily find what ever they need.

All the handleless hidden storage spaces in between their appliances have now been fitted with Blum TIP-ON for doors, which makes access easy while keeping the beautiful flush lines they wanted to retain.

Blum inside the Siemens showroom in Milton Keynes

Blum inside the Siemens showroom in Milton Keynes

The reaction from all the staff I interacted with was very refreshing, as they expressed great pride and passion in their products and the training seminars they give.

Even though I was there to refit the showroom, I was still educated on the features of their products and learnt that all appliances are not the same. I was treated like a potential future customer and given information that would make any decisions I have great food for thought.

I would like to thank all the staff at the training facility and of course the technical department at Blum UK who surveyed the showroom with 100% accuracy to make the fit as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

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