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Beautiful but functional kitchen

A beautiful but functional kitchen!

What to ask your designer?

Kitchens must be carefully planned from the outset. This is the most important part of the kitchen investment process and should form the anchor point for all planning going forward.

Consider your lifestyle – present and how you want it to evolve. More than anything a modern kitchen needs sufficient storage. Consider the following:

  • How many people live in the house?
  • What are their ages?
  • Are their any infants?
  • Are their any pets?
  • How often is the kitchen used – i.e. mornings and evenings, during the day, for entertaining at weekends?

All this and more will have a bearing on what you need to store and more. Up to 66% of new kitchen purchasers find they are dissatisfied with the storage only after the kitchen is installed. Careful planning using Blum systems can gain up to 55% additional storage over conventional systems.

This entails no fixed shelves in base units – everything stored should be able to be pulled out to the user on a full extension basis giving full vision and access to the contents.

The 5 kitchen zones

The five kitchen zones

Discuss with your kitchen planner how you want to use the kitchen so that you can begin to plan the storage of items in strategic zones (Blum’s Dynamic Space planning is the way to do this) so items are easily to hand and workflows become ergonomic and efficient. For example, cleaning materials and bins close to the sink area

Blum’s David Sanders says each cabinet – base or wall – should be thought of in terms of function, much like appliances are dedicated to certain tasks.

Drawer and pull-out interiors should be fitted with internal dividing systems (Blum’s Orga-line) as should larder units, wide pan drawers, corner units (Space Corner) etc.

Consumables in Space Corner draw

Consumables in Space Corner draw

Finally, motion is important for ease and pleasure of use. Soft close has become generic and Blum’s Blumotion system is integrated into all their runners, hinges and lift systems.

Clip-top hinge with integral Blumotion

Clip-top hinge with integral Blumotion

Nowadays Blum offer Servo-Drive electric automatic opening of drawers and overhead lift systems (Aventos) so the user has both hands free.

No matter how stylish your kitchen looks on the outside, if it doesn’t work on the inside it will be a huge disappointment and failure.

Shelves vs pull-outs

Shelves vs Pull-outs

Blum products are found in all good kitchens. For more information on Blum please visit Find your nearest retailer here

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