Propped displays make complete sense!


I took a friend to Grand Designs which really proved something to me, displays are far more appealing when propped.

My friend has little knowledge of what I do, but like me, loves to cook and spends a lot of time in her kitchen. We visited most of the kitchen stands and I as always, opened and closed drawers and lift systems.

Without prior knowledge , my friend said: “how much better the displays look with food and cutlery/crockery inside” she of course thought I was a bit over excited by the fact she announced this, as to her it made complete sense, to me too, but sadly the majority of displays were empty!

Some did utilise the space for brochures, and I did see some with sawdust and screws! Here are some good examples of propped displays that we did see:


Great propping and really good use of colour and lighting…

Stoneham propped displayStoneham propped display 1Stoneham propped display 2Stoneham propped display 4

Kitchens by George Rose:

Kitchens by George Rose propped display

Kitchens by George Rose propped display 1

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