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JensenMy brother is in the process of having an extension and new kitchen, now as we all know, this causes a major disruption in anyone’s life whilst underway. In this case the stress and disruption is doubled due to the fact that my nephew Jensen is Autistic.

This has got me thinking about builders, kitchen fitters, plumbers, electricians and decorators. These tradesmen spend most of their working time in other people’s houses, it is important for them to be mindful of the occupants and consider (hopefully) the needs of each individual client.

How important is it that somebody coming into your home for a reasonable length of time has to respect you and your property? I have one customer who sends out his kitchen fitters with their own toilet roll, bleach and mugs, they are expected to be courteous at all times.

How much do the tradespeople really think about the family they will be working with I wonder?

In my Nephew’s case the builders have to be careful not to swear (can be repeated) and they will have to answer the same question from him over and over again…“what day is your birthday” is the current one!

They have to make sure that dangerous tools are not left alone if he is nearby and he really hates loud noise so the drilling has been a problem.

A really big shout out goes to Chris and Ben Glassock (Glassock Building Services) they have been fantastic with Jensen, they have offered to stop drilling and knocking down walls when he gets distressed by the noise (and shouts at them!) and whilst my brother and family were on holiday they worked hard to get Jensen’s bedroom ready first so he would have as little disruption as possible even though this was not the logical way to complete the work.

Kitchen work in progress

Kitchen work in progress 2

Kitchen work in progress

As an industry we do enter clients homes on a regular basis, everybody has their own needs and requirements and we are all different. How important it is to build a good relationship, and try to understand each person we work with, at a time of immense pressure! For the tradesmen this is normal day, for most of us having the work done it can be very stressful.

I recently read a fantastic thank you letter from a client to a retailer, the son of the family had built such a good relationship with the fitter he was really upset on the day the job was completed, he is getting an invite back for a party in the new kitchen and the little boy is looking forward to seeing him again.

Recommendation is so important, look after your clients and they will tell all their friends…

So… if you live in the Milton Keynes area here are Chris & Ben Glassock’s details:

Glassock Building Services
Milton Keynes 01908 521547

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