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After the usual trawl to the supermarket on a Saturday, I arrive home with all the ingredients to make the family a spicy Chilli and a Ratatouille for the week.

I have all the meat and vegetables I just need to add my spices…

Right, I’m all ready to cook.

Got all the ingredients…

I'm ready to cook!

First step: Get my spices out of the cupboard…

Now this is where I have my little moan, as you can see, my cupboard is pretty full and I cannot see what I need properly, so I get my stool.

I am short…yes, but even a taller person cannot see the back of the cupboard without taking everything out. I cannot find what I need and have no option but to unload the shelves, here come those choice words again!

My cupboard

Close up of my cupboard

Here are the contents of my spice cupboard… Is this a familiar sight?

My spice cupboard contents!

Now take a closer look, do I really need 4 jars of Thyme, 2 jars of Paprika, Basil & Chinese Five Spice???

My unnecessary spices

And surprise! Here is how many are out of date, over half of the contents of the shelf!

My out of date spices

So because I cannot see what I am storing on the shelves, I have bought over and over again herbs and spices I already have! So when I have a clear out, I find so many of them out of date.

I would say this is pretty familiar in my other provision cupboards as well…

By this time I have had enough, not in the mood to cook so… I reach into my takeaway drawer! (Now don’t tell me we don’t all have one of these!)

The takeaway drawer

I will have a number 18 please and make it extra spicy thanks.

Blum Spice Holder

Blum’s Spice Holder

Blum recommends Spice Holders in drawers for full access = less Takeaways!

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