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Test drive your kitchen

In our showrooms in Milton Keynes we have a dedicated area which allows visitors to experiment with their kitchen plans. Using Blum’s unique Dynamic Space planning system for kitchen design, visitors can see how their kitchen will look, with the life sized units in place.

The “test drive” kitchen has proved a great success. We’ve had visitors to our showroom who, after re-arranging their cabinets, suddenly realise they can’t fully open drawers because they haven’t planned floor space properly. One of the couples who had brought their kitchen plans with them, on seeing the layout in the flesh, decided there and then to knock through a wall to accommodate their revised kitchen plan. Actually, almost all our visitors walk away from our Dynamic Space “test drive” kitchen with updated adjustments to their original kitchen plans.

Test drive your kitchen

A planned kitchen can be arranged on a 1:1 scale using the mobile cabinets

To understand what Dynamic Space is about and how it works go to www.dynamicspace.com or to enquire about ‘test-driving’ your kitchen call +44 (0)1908 285 700

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