Taking the plunge with outdoor kitchens!


Kitchen innovations are appearing all the time, but have you ever considered taking the bold step of building your kitchen outside?

Big Brother House BBQ  & Garden

British weather isn’t always conducive to cooking outdoors so it’s unlikely that you’ll want to permanently move your kitchen to the garden, but with lighter evenings emerging, warmer weather on the way and most families loving a good spot of BBQing, we thought these great examples of outdoor eateries might just get you in the mood for summer.

Outside kitchens don’t have to be confined to a single residence. This huge grilling station complete with storage drawers and cupboards is situated on a building rooftop, so that all its residents can use the BBQ. Designed by Art of Kitchens in Australia, they’ve used Corian for the worktops and doors as it will withstand rain as well as the sunshine.


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Outside catering areas have even been featured on TV! This BBQ area was made especially for the garden of the Big Brother house. Stainless steels drawers and appliances are tucked away in solid surface worktops and end panels. The non­porous nature of Corian ensures that those celebrities don’t have to spend hours cleaning up after themselves as stains and bacteria have nowhere to go. Designers at Cutting Edge in Bedfordshire even built lighting into the skirting so that the area can be used in the evenings.

Big Brother House BBQ Big Brother House BBQ  back

Austrian designer Viteo Outdoors has produced this fabulous outdoor kitchen which can include sink, teppanyaki, gas hobs, electric grill and gas hot plates with the customer able to choose which appliances they need. Viteo Outdoors make their outdoor kitchens in white and sand Corian colours because they are 100% UV­resistant so won’t fade in the sunlight and with so many combinations to choose from you can be sure that your outdoor kitchen is unique.

Viteo Outdoors Example 1

Viteo Outdoors Example 2

We hope our top selection of outdoor kitchens has given you some serious food for thought this summer… now, where did we leave our sunglasses?

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