Taking your kitchen outdoors


This summer we have seen an increasing demand for outdoor kitchens. British families are enthusiastic barbequers and a natural consequence of this has been rocketing sales of gas barbeques and accessories. It seems that in all but the worst weathers, our friends and neighbours are cooking up a storm in their gardens – even if they have to actually eat indoors!

Taking your kitchen outdoors 2

Once you have traded up from your petrol-station tinfoil barbeque kit to the best in multi-functional gas giants, you may wish to make things easy on yourself by creating an extension of your kitchen in your garden. No more running back and forth inside to prepare the food, with a well-planned outdoor kitchen you can have everything at your fingertips.

Taking your kitchen outdoors 1

But what are the challenges and what do you need to know about installing a kitchen that has to withstand the elements and look good? Hygiene is just as important outdoors as indoors – even more so when worktops are exposed to contamination from animals and plants as well as the weather. Your worktop can be accompanied by a sink, and both need to be free of the cracks, veins and seams that can let in destructive particles and bio hazards, while remaining easy to clean and attractive. DuPont™ Corian®’s hygienic properties are second to none, as all joints are seamless and our complementary sinks combine the benefits of stainless steel with the great looks of Corian®.

Design is another challenge – your garden probably doesn’t have the precise contours that your house has, making it difficult to fit worktops and units securely and neatly. Corian®, the original solid surface material, is ideal for an outdoor kitchen. Infinitely flexible, it looks like a natural substance, making for true harmony with the surroundings, but can be moulded into any shape, allowing it to fit into and enhance an odd corner you thought you couldn’t use.

Colour is an important facet of design. Your outdoor kitchen needs to blend with the surroundings, remaining unobtrusive among the real stars of the show – your flowers and plants. Corian® is available in more than 80 colours, with many natural shades and effects that work perfectly against a backdrop of stone, rock and wood. Your local approved Corian® fabricator will work with you to bring your plans to life – all you have to do is complete your installation with a drinks cooler and a subtle lighting scheme and look forward to summer 2016!


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