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LED’s are the future of kitchen lighting. Now that incandescent bulbs are no longer available to purchase and with plans on the horizon to also phase out halogen bulbs, now is the time to consider incorporating LED’s within your kitchen if you haven’t already done so.

Sensio HD LED Glass Shelf Clip Lights

Sensio HD LED Glass Shelf Clip Lights

LED’s are often thought of as producing a ‘cold’ light; however this is no longer the case. LED’s are now available in a range of different colour temperatures including cool white, natural white (daylight) and warm white, so there is a shade to suit any style of kitchen cabinetry. If you have a contemporary, high-gloss finish then a cool white light will work well, or for more traditional kitchen designs opt for a warm white, which will highlight the effect of the grain in the wood. The strength of light is also greater than that from halogen bulbs, and if you are looking for a more intense output, HD LED’s are also becoming widely popular. In fact, HD LED’s run at under 2W on average and will provide the same level of light as a 20W halogen fitting. So, not only do LED’s provide fantastic results, but they will help the environment and save you money too!

Sensio HD LED Linkable Strip Lighting

Sensio HD LED Linkable Strip Lighting

The low wattage of LED lighting means that your energy consumption can be reduced by over 90%, lowering the cost of your bills at the same time. Halogen bulbs produce an excessive amount of wasted energy, which is harmful to both your wallet and the environment. To give you a better idea, 90% of the energy used with halogen bulbs is wasted and converted into radiant heat. LED’s are a far safer option as they will not over heat and do not produce UV or IR rays.

In terms of how long each type of lighting lasts for, again there is no competition. LED’s are expected to last for 40,000 hours, that’s approximately twelve and a half years, compared to a lifespan of just 3,000 hours with a halogen alternative! This means less replacement bulbs and less maintenance, which will also save you money in the long run. Did you know that you could save approximately £50.58 per year on electricity and bulb costs on each light fitting if you change from halogen to LED?

If you are in the process of planning a new kitchen design, make LED lighting a must-have feature. Once you have experienced the quality of light and the cost saving benefits, you will never go back!

Michael Linsky is the Managing Director of Sensio UK Ltd – for more about Sensio please visit

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Michael Linsky Managing Director of Sensio UK
Michael Linsky is the Managing Director of Sensio UK Ltd – for more about Sensio please visit or call 0845 0340780

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