The Benefits of Technology in Modern Kitchens


Modern kitchens have the added benefit of integrated technology, making cooking and spending time together as a family easier by saving you time and stress. New kitchens can be designed to make the most of technology and to allow your space to have the right power points and layout for appliances and WiFi features, opening up your options.

If you’re looking to create a more modern kitchen to suit your needs, it’s important to consider how technology can help shape this incredibly important room in your home. Highly functional, it can be developed to be an attractive, future-proof hub with all the benefits you’d expect.

Here we have exclusive insight from Sussex based kitchen designers PD Kitchens on the important aspects of tech savvy kitchen builds.

‘Smart’ elements to consider:

  • Connected/WiFi functionality (IE Siemens Connect)
  • Touch free taps (hygiene)
  • Charging stations (DuPont)
  • Smart tech (refrigerators, cookers etc)


Being connected is now a way of life, from Skype to the near constant access to the internet we enjoy. It makes sense to use this fact to our advantage in the kitchen.

IE Siemens home connect system is innovative and immensely practical. With connected Siemens appliances you can manage your kitchen on the go via the Home Connect App. Useful possibilities include looking inside your fridge from work to check if you have milk in stock, or having your intuitive washing machine pick the best programme for your next cycle.

The huge benefit of this system is efficiency and as a result, the amount of time it saves. When you can preheat your oven from your office, life becomes that much more flexible and your kitchen really does start to work for you.

Due to the popularity of smart tech, it means new appliances and features are accessible to the vast majority of people, rather than something cut off and built for a lucky few. As you will be near your phone most of the time, you may as well benefit from being able to complete chores and save yourself leisure time for later on.


Customised lighting and pre-set oven settings are just some highlights of what can be programmed into a modern, ‘smart’ kitchen. When your kitchen is WiFi enabled you can automate your lights via your phone and even operate motion sensors so they come on only when someone is in the room, saving on energy costs. It’s even possible to turn the oven on to the right temperature for preheating before cooking, as with IE Siemens Connect, all from the comfort of your sofa. This allows you to de-stress after work and spend more time with your loved ones.

As you use your phone, it’s also a great decision to make your counters smart so you can charge your phone by simply placing it on your counter. These are available from DuPont, known as Corian Charging Surfaces; they look elegant and wirelessly charge your phone automatically, meaning you don’t have to give it a second thought.

Essentially, automation, even if it’s just soft-close hinges on drawers, offers a sense of freedom and it can feel very liberating when first installed.


Being high-end, modern kitchen units and appliances are designed to look fantastic in your home, either with a traditional twist or a trendy, simplistic look. WiFi hobs are probably the best example of this; they work using sensors to update you on remaining cooking time and temperature, and there are a range of clean, sleek models on the market.

These more efficient systems are also space saving and reduce clutter in your kitchen, meaning the overall presentation will improve. Options will also open for adding statement pieces to match new fittings as you have more space to get creative. Perhaps most important for young couples, you will be able to make your mark on a property and bring it elegantly into the present during renovations.

As a general rule, you will want to integrate the technology into the design that you prefer, showcasing some appliances to highlight their quality, and hiding other aspects ‘behind the scenes’. From the planning stage to completion this can all be catered for to ensure you’re happy with the final design’s balance of tech and style.

Luxury living

Having futuristic devices that work for you and the family is the epitome of luxury and places you at the forefront of something really special; smart homes. Without a doubt, the kitchen is where technology is most practical and adaptable with most of the appliances already electronic. When being designed, if you take into account the layout, you can further increase how your chores will be streamlined.

One investment that benefits not only the kitchen, are central vacuum systems, such as those manufactured by Electrolux. With access points throughout the home, you don’t have to carry a vacuum cleaner up the stairs and of course, into the kitchen. It’s a luxury that means you can just clean one room, or many rooms as and when you go through your property, freeing you from a prolonged house clean with a standard vacuum.

Luxury kitchen


All of the benefits combine together when you’re having a busy day or hosting a dinner party to reduce your stress. You can automate kitchen processes whilst you’re out shopping or at the gym so you’ve already got a head start when you arrive home and once guests arrive, you won’t have to be spending as much time away from them getting the meals ready. All of the apps used can also be locked with child safety measures, for extra peace of mind.

Ultimately, kitchens incorporating technology are a brilliant way to improve the way your home works for you and to free up your personal time outside of work. Making life easier, they’re also desirable, stylish kitchens that will impress friends and family. As more and more people rely on smartphones, they are truly the kitchens of the future.

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