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Leading fittings manufacturer and systems designer Blum has identified two important areas in modern kitchen design and practical performance.

Firstly, the trend to carry the external visual design into the interior of the cabinets has been facilitated by Blum’s Intivo concept of inserts for drawer sides and pull-out sides and fronts.


SPACE TOWER equipped with TANDEMBOX intivo inner pull-outs in terra black with frosted glass design elements.

These can be supplied by Blum or made by individual kitchen manufacturers to either match worktops or offset the external look of the kitchen. Intivo gives unlimited scope for design, inserts already made by designers include glass, marble, leather and stone. Intivo gives extraordinary scope for individualising design.

TANDEMBOX intivo in Silk white with BOXCOVER

TANDEMBOX intivo in Silk white

TANDEMBOX intivo offers countless customisation options.

Secondly, the fast growing trend for waste separation in the kitchen. Blum supply two systems for waste containers to come out of the cabinets to the user – the first is floor mounted and the other a suspended system.

Kitchen bin pull-out

You can always easily open the pull-out even when you hands are full, e.g. using your knee.

The most important new aspect of these is that they will open and move out to the user who may have both hands full. This is via Blum’s Servo-Drive automatic opening electric technology that opens in response to pressure from a knee or elbow for example. The unit is then closed in a controlled way using the Blum integrated Blumotion soft close mechanism.

Blum products are found in all good kitchens. For more information on Blum please visit Find your nearest retailer here

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