The Kitchen Design Process: Part 2


In this article we discuss your choice of door;

Out of town

There are an infinite number of different door styles available today some times that choice can be overwhelming, however there are a few designs that are always popular.

Hope Painted Blizzard white & Ocean Blue

Shaker Doors

The style of the door is more of a fashion decision however Shaker doors have always been popular and the new painted varieties offer great choices with the imitation painted oak doors also being very popular and affordable. Slab doors in both gloss and matt are also widely used and can give you that clean contemporary feel whether you choose the slab versions or the handle less styles.

Slab Doors

Even amongst these two basic styles there are a multitude of variations in both texture and colour. You can have timber doors in both styles and it can be natural or painted in a myriad of colours both matt and gloss. The slab doors come in many different textures, acrylic faced, lacquered, melamine, wood effect and laminate all available in both gloss and matt. Then you can also have slab doors that take a handle, doors that have integral handles and also doors that don’t need handles. Remember if you are having a door that requires a handle that choice of the handle can alter the whole feeling of the kitchen, so spend some time on that choice and don’t always go for the one in the brochure, as that was someone else’s choice.


So you are faced with a multitude of door options so choose carefully, discuss this with your designer and challenge them to show you other options and explain the reasons behind each variation they suggest and so we embark on the journey to purchasing a new kitchen.

Furore HL

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