The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design


While the kitchen is the heart of any home it is often the last room to be changed when it comes to refurbishing. Yet, it pays to have a great kitchen, as it will make the home feel more personal and increase the value of the property. There are plenty of layouts and designs you can opt for—from a modern minimalist kitchen to a rustic one. Nature-inspired kitchens made from eco-friendly materials have also become increasingly popular recently.

If you’re considering changing your kitchen, here are some of the latest designs to inspire you:

Multipurpose kitchen island

This all depends on the space available in your home, but kitchen islands are timeless. Some homeowners with big kitchens even opt to have two. The island can serve as a breakfast bar or as extra space to prepare food.

Open shelving or hide and seek storage

Full shelves

It used to be that homeowners were big on sleek kitchen cupboards, but now open shelves have become increasingly popular. You can have your designer plates out in the open and all your store cupboard ingredients within arm’s reach. Open shelves can also give your kitchen a more relaxed vibe and, with the help of some proper lighting, can make the room look more spacious. This is perfect if you have a small kitchen.

Ideal Home also talks about creating hidden storage cabinets, which feature pocket doors that slide seamlessly out of sight when you don’t need to use them. This is another design that works best for anyone who has a limited kitchen space.

Bold colours and statement patterns

Gone are the days when white, beige, or stainless steel were the only colours in the kitchen. Now bolder shades of yellow, red, and even purple are making their way in. Colour clashes have now become a thing, with designers and homeowners believing that the kitchen should be light, airy, and bright. A contemporary kitchen should make a statement about the owner’s personality.

Hidden or disguised lighting

Instead of using one source of light, modern kitchen designs will feature layers of lighting. Although the traditional line of three pendant lights is still in demand, more homeowners are opting for inconspicuous sources of lighting scattered smartly around the different parts of the kitchen.

Marble and Counter Top

House Beautiful suggests a few key light sources under cabinets and counters as an easy way to change the atmosphere in the room. Concealed LEDs can be placed under worktops to both aid with food preparation and for creating a good ambiance when entertaining guests. Vintage lighting has also come back into vogue with sconces, lanterns, pendants, and chandeliers popular this year.

Brass, mixed metals, and concrete accents

A lot of designers are bringing back the exposed brick wall, to give modern kitchens a more rustic look. Combine that with concrete accents, brass, and mixed metals and you’ve got yourself a hip kitchen. Journalist Megan McDonough notes that marble is out and concrete is in. A lot of homeowners are already using concrete for floors and countertops because it’s a versatile and accessible material that can be used in a variety of interesting and unexpected ways.

Two tone breakfast bar

If you are installing heavy-duty materials in your kitchen make sure that they are properly installed. The type of material you choose will also determine the tools that you will use. For instance, if you are cutting through tough materials like stone, concrete, or brick, using durable tools is essential. Many of the masonry drill bits on Screwfix can be used with a hammer action drill, which is specifically designed to cut through strong materials. Using the right tools will ensure that neither the equipment nor the kitchen will get accidentally damaged. Investing in the right tools and materials will also allow you to install your own kitchen, which will save you money.

Your kitchen deserves as much attention as any part of your home, especially since this is where you prepare your food and organise the household. By following the latest trends you can transform your kitchen into something truly special.


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