The Summer Fete


So one day back in the great depths of winter, 3 people congregated to discuss the “Summer Staff Gathering”.

Obviously as we are in the UK we can’t just guarantee that even though we have “summer” in the title, we would actually get to see it.

We came up with a few initial ideas, like the usual meal, murder mystery, it’s a knockout, but when taking into consideration who would be attending the event we found that it suited some but not all. So thinking continued…

… during the 2nd meeting more ideas got thrown around and the idea of a “Summer Fete” came up. We thought there could be toys for the boys and more reserved “nice” things for the ladies as well as the obligatory CAKE STALL… Win win and cake!

So here are a few things we wanted…

Blum UK Summer Fete attractions

Pictures courtesy of Chameleon Entertainments & FS Entertainments Ltd

Now we just had to figure out a way of fitting it all in and making the space work for us in the most advantageous way. So my trusty colleague started to plan and then plan a bit more as can be seen below…

The Blum UK Summer Fete Plan

As you can see we had the food, drink, seating and stage area all close by. Then the rest of the space has been filled up with the activities, taking into consideration where the electric points are and the size of the units.

On the night this is how it looked…. FAB I think.

The Blum UK Summer Fete in action

I can tell what you’re thinking… where do kitchens come into this??

Like my last blog I have left the reasoning till the end… But I think you can guess where I am heading with the idea of knowing what you want and planning how to make the best use of space.

We had no option; it had to be right on the night and without planning it could have very easily gone to pot.

When thinking about getting a new kitchen make sure you plan, think about what is going where and maybe even take a kitchen test drive (a service that is offered by Blum UK).

Right enough waffle, time for the Beer Tent. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine 🙂

The Blum UK Summer Fete Refreshment Tent…

The Blum UK Summer Fete Refreshment Tent…


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