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Very recently I had an occasion to ask this very question. You see back in 2001 I bought a new house and on the day of moving in I was handed a large booklet by the lady in the portakabin, aka “The Sales Prevention Officer”, followed by the words:

“as a first class builder we only deal with quality and reputable businesses who offer our clients the level of service and security that we as a business align with our own philosophy”

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Now you might think that this was a lot to remember from the SPO, but I feel sure it was written on the back of her hand and was to be used regularly without any change many times that day.

On a day of chaos this was a book that was placed in a “safe place” so that if we ever needed it then we knew where it was.

Well let me tell you 12 years on we needed it as my wife rang me to tell me that our back door had misted up, and her friend had told her that the seal had broken on the double glazed unit. So I then used the famous phrase

“where is the book that the SPO gave us when we moved in? I’m sure the double glazing had a 25 year guarantee!!!”

(Then a conversation started that is heard throughout the land between man and wife in regards to who put the book in the safe place, and where is the safe place.)





3 days later the book is found in the safe place and I can now ring up the reputable supplier of the double glazing, and make a claim on my guarantee so that my back door can be fixed. Now I’m sure your already ahead of me, the only problem is that the reputable double glazing firm went out of business 7 years ago and therefore my guarantee is not valid.

No problems me thinks I will ring up the reputable building company surely they have a contingency for this type of occurrence. Alas they have no contingency apparently you see,

“your guarantee was with the glazing firm sir and not with us so we are not legally obliged to honour the guarantee, we are terribly sorry for any inconvenience caused”

and as a final blow finished off the conversation with ubiquitous

“is there anything else I can help you with today sir”.


So recently I had to decide whether we at Blum should offer a guarantee to all of our customers, and therefore by definition the final consumer who uses our product.

Due to my recent experiences I was very aware that any guarantee has to be worth more than just a piece of paper with words on it.

At Blum we test all of our products to replicate the lifetime of the furniture that they are fitted to, we are worldwide business in over a 100 countries and our brand is synonymous with both quality and trust.


Built for living. Guaranteed for a lifetime

This means that the “Built for Living Guaranteed for a Lifetime” tag line that is associated with all of our mechanical products, will be backed up by an organisation that prides itself in standing by its products as well as its words.

So in the unlikely event that a customer has to invoke the guarantee, they will be met with the phrase

“no problems sir where would you like us to send your free of charge replacement”

Blum Lifetime Guarantee Luggage TagThe true value of a guarantee is contained within the values and stability of the company who offers it and not in the words on a piece of paper. Look for the guaranteed for life luggage tag when you visit your local showroom to make sure that the engine of your kitchen is truly guaranteed for life

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