The working triangle – time for new geometry!


Your Mum may have told you about the working triangle when she press-ganged you into helping prepare a meal. That’s in the days when the kitchen was a place to prepare and cook a meal while the rest of the family played around the house, kicked balls in the garden or lounged in front of the TV.

Think about lifestyle today. The kitchen’s a social hub of the home. Day to day there’s homework to be got through, friends popping in for a quick coffee and it even becomes the gravitational point of parties. That’s how Blum looks at a kitchen – a way to optimize workflow, best use space and to enjoy the best ease of motion.

The five kitchen zones

The five kitchen zones

We call it Dynamic Space. It’s kitchen planning where everything works in concert without you even realizing it. Items and utensils stored close to where you need them, enough internal space to access and see your stored goods in an instant and to be able to open and close drawers, lift units, pull-outs and larders effortlessly.

Think about it – Blum systems can give you up to 55% mores storage exactly where and when you need it with feather light motion. No more triangular thinking – we work with five dimensions of modern kitchen activity.

It’s life changing!

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