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It has been said that there are three Cs in each kitchen design scheme – Convenience, Customisation and Colour.

We think that in 2016, Colour will be more central than ever, as designers and homeowners recognise that customisation through colour produces high-impact looks that can be summed up in another C word – Covetable.

White in all its shades has been king of the kitchen for years now – and for good reason. Nothing looks cleaner and fresher than a brilliant white, and warm whites add depth and comfort. But in 2016 we believe there will be a shift towards colours with texture and colours with translucent qualities that work with lighting to change the mood in the heart of the home.


With these requirements in mind, DuPont, manufacturers of Corian®, have developed and launched a new Colour Collection, “Earth Heritage”, that covers an incredible scope, from the beauty of nature to the dynamism of contemporary living, bringing fascinating possibilities for surface design in your home. Reflecting the natural heritage of Corian®, the 16 colours in the new range are reminiscent of minerals, rocks, earth and plants, and bring a contemporary chic to plains and deep shades.


Metallics remain popular, with their stylish edge always in fashion. The latest design schemes show high-gloss surfaces contrasting beautifully with deep, muted hues on walls and floors, while in reverse, steel appliances’ industrialism can be cleverly refined and softened with deep colour and matte surfaces. Alternatively, on –trend “contemporary country colours” that appear textured and natural can be paired with comforting soft pastels to create a distinctive modern vintage scheme.


Colour in the kitchen plays an important role in sensory stimulation. Research shows that burnt orange and apricot are appetite stimulators but designers are steering away from describing these colours in clichéd terms of Tuscan and Terracotta, opting instead for “ethnic chic”. This style offers sophisticated combinations such as deep purple with misty yellows and stone greys or burnt orange with vibrant blue and dark brown, while a “savouries” palette includes blends of chocolate and moss, with bright accents to embellish.


Convenience is never compromised with Corian®. Whatever your colour choices, the material’s fundamental elements deliver sustainable looks and value. Nonporous and stain-resistant, Corian® is easy to clean, making it an ideal surface for food preparation environments. It’s also durable and easy to renew, because the colour runs all the way through the product. In addition, Corian® solid surfaces (and adhesives and sealants, once cured) are low VOC and are nontoxic and nonallergenic to humans, providing unrivalled peace of mind for years to come. For a covetable kitchen in 2016, use colour to customise your dreams.

Images courtesy of Ultraspace and Art of Images

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