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Most of us can come up with what’s important in the kitchen and what you want it to do; you need a worktop that looks good and that can deal with day to day wear and tear, appliances that are as state of the art as you can afford, storage that maximises the space available to you, practical flooring that deals with food and water and all that goes on in the kitchen. The list goes on but at the end of the day we are not kitchen design experts and it is their expertise that focusses on the small details that we might not come up with.

Where do I put my wine?

Kitchen thermoforming example

Most of us can’t afford a cellar or have the space for a dedicated wine cooler. A simple but effective means of storing wine is to add space either into a run of cupboards or as with this colourful Corian island, incorporate the bottle holders into the furniture itself.

Cooking should be sociable!

Cooking should be sociable

We can spend a long time in the kitchen and traditionally this is spent over a stove which is against a wall. If there is anyone else in the room with you then you have your back to them for much of the time. Why not try putting the cooking area bang in the heart of the kitchen so you can cook and socialise at the same time?

Make your kitchen easy to look after…

Parapan sink with Corian

Where there’s food around then one of the key concerns for us all should be keeping the kitchen clean. Choosing the material that your worktop is made of can have a direct bearing on how easy the kitchen is to maintain. With many materials the only option available for upstands are plant-ons. You have a right angled join with a silicone bead running along the length of the upstand to secure it to the worktop. The tightness of the right angle means that it is extremely difficult to get into the space to keep it clean. On top of this dirt and bacteria can easily form on the silicone itself.

In areas where there is a lot of water, such as around the sink, over time the silicone will rot and turn black. The solution? Choose a solid surface material such as Corian which can be fabricated to have a coved (curved) upstand that flows seamlessly up from the worktop. Easy to get in to clean and no silicone – perfect!

Let your troubles drain away…

Clay kitchen with a Mixa sink and recessed drainer

There will always be the issue of water getting everywhere around the sink area. There are many solutions for this from drainer grooves to recessed draining areas as in the picture above. In reality most “draining” solutions do not actually drain the water away, rather they allow the pots and pans to get air into them to dry more efficiently. The design possibilities are endless and a little thought goes a long way to providing you with a sink solution that suits your specific needs.

There are loads of great design features on show in our online Corian kitchen gallery, why not take a look for inspiration in your kitchen?

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