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When people think of kitchen transformations, they would be forgiven for thinking that means the entire kitchen is to be removed and that they should start from scratch. However, a kitchen transformation doesn’t have to be a complete rework, small changes can really have a big impact on the finish of your kitchen and the little things really do make a difference. There are many different things that you can do to give your kitchen a new, modern design, and we have created a simple guide to help you achieve that in no time.

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Keep it Simple and Clean

This first step is a very simple one, and it involves simply cleaning and tidying your kitchen, going through the process of decluttering it and ensuring that your worktops have as few appliances and accessories on them as possible. This stage is very simple and cost effective as you don’t have to buy anything at this point, all you need to do is simply remove anything that isn’t necessary and give your kitchen a clean look.

Not only does this start to give your kitchen a modern look, but it also provides practicality and cleanliness to your kitchen, giving you more space and a calm environment. All of this contributes to a modern kitchen design, particularly as clutter and a lack of space are the complete opposite of what a modern kitchen design is truly about.

Add Handleless Cupboard Doors to Your Kitchen

A quick win for creating your modern kitchen are handleless cupboard doors. They’re perfect for narrow and smaller kitchens in which they create a super sleek space that will flow with the rest of the house. Not only do they add a stylish look to the kitchen, but opting for finishes such as high gloss help to reflect light making your kitchen space appear bigger. Once you combine the perfect colour with your handleless cupboard doors, you are sure to provide your kitchen with the modern finish that you are looking for.

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Take a Risk with Colours

Naturally when people start planning their kitchen designs, the norm is to go for neutral, bright colours that, of course brighten up a space on a sunny day. However if you’re comfortable at trying something different, don’t shy away from darker shades of black and grey, as these can create the modern, contemporary kitchen that you’re after. These shades also allow for plenty of creative flare, by adding bold and bright colours as small features around the kitchen that capture your eye as you follow the sleek lines of the worktops.

Make Use of Smart Appliances

If you really wanted to set off into the future with your new modern kitchen, kitting it out with the latest smart technology can bring real joy and convenience to your new space. As the kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, by combining your clutter-free worktops, your sleek handless cupboards and your smart fridge, you can create a timeless space that is still suitable for any size home.

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