Trolls’ travels @ Interzum 2015


Troll’s Travels : Interzum 2015

Just over a month ago our lovely twitter troll took a little trip over to Cologne as he heard something big was going down, in fact something massive when considering the kitchen industry… INTERZUM 2015. His little legs could feel the burn already!!!

When he got there he wasn’t really sure where to start, but start he must and here are a few things he saw along the way.

On the Wesco stand our troll was very impressed with the shade of the Single Grandy’s they had on offer…

I wonder why I here you say, but they are available in many more colours and sizes, not just Orange!

Wesco stand @ Interzum 2015

The Wesco stand @ Interzum 2015

The Wesco stand @ Interzum 2015

The range that Wesco had on show was very impressive, no matter what your requirement they seemed to have something to suit all specifications.

Another interesting stand was Rev-A-Shelf, this inner cabinet storage solution was of particular interest as it eases access to the contents of your cabinet. For those that can’t reach the top shelf usually, could definitely use these with a little effort.

REV-A-SHELF @ Interzum 2015

REV-A-SHELF @ Interzum 2015

Even our troll found a little kitchen that could just about be suitable for him, but I fear he would still have trouble accessing those top cabinets…

Little Kitchen @ Interzum 2015

One of the most impressive displays came from Egger, with the use of a huge wooden curved unit. Their emphasis was to consider “perspectives” and to show new designs/surfaces.

One of the most impressive displays @ Interzum 2015 came from Egger

One of the most impressive displays @ Interzum 2015 came from Egger

I particularly liked this little display…

Egger display @ Interzum 2015

The use of earthy / industrial tones were quite a trend when browsing around all the different stands and again could be seen at Friul Intagli

Friul Intagli @Interzum 2015

With the vast array of products that were on show at Interzum it is hard to see how anyone can make a choice, but I think you can definitely get a picture of current and potentially emerging trends.

This show in its entirety was quite a spectacle and something that our poor troll couldn’t quite complete. However he did make the most of the products on display on the Okin stand just before he left, poor thing needed a nap…

Okin @ Interzum 2015

On a serious note though this show is a must if you are in the kitchen industry as everything and anyone who is anyone is there.

Hope you enjoyed our little Interzum snippet, troll has gone home for a rest!

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