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Kitchen island units are becoming an increasingly popular feature when it comes to the latest kitchen designs. When you consider how the role of the kitchen has changed, it is hardly surprising. Acting as a social hub in many homes, the kitchen has become so much more than merely a functional room.

Incorporating an island unit into a kitchen design not only makes the layout more practical by providing additional work surface and storage space, but its central position creates a social area for friends and family to gather whilst you are cooking the dinner or pouring the drinks.

Sensio's RGB Colour Changing Flexible Light strip

Add depth and interest to a contemporary kitchen island with strip lighting 

The prominent position that a kitchen island has within a typical layout means that it is often the first part of the kitchen to be noticed and is the main focus of the overall design. With this in mind, why not make it into a feature piece? Lighting is one way to make your kitchen island stand out. Not only will lighting add depth and interest to the unit itself, but will actually enhance the atmosphere of your entire kitchen.

Sensio's HD LED Flexible Strip Lighting

Ideal for installing under the worktop of a kitchen island unit

When it comes to choosing the correct products, it is mood lighting as opposed to task lighting that you will need. Installing a flexible strip light beneath the worktop that runs the entire way around the unit is one option you could use. Many of the strip lighting products out there have a self-adhesive backing to make for a quick and easy installation.

Sensio's Stainless Steel Square Plinth Lighting

Installing plinth lighting around the base of an island unit can create a ‘wow’ factor floating effect

Installing plinth lighting along the base of your kitchen island can create a ‘floating’ effect and will bring that all important ‘wow’ factor to your kitchen. For evenings of entertaining where the lights are dimmed, fitting mood lighting into your island unit will still allow your kitchen to make a bold impression, even when the lights are turned down!

For a contemporary setting, you may wish to experiment with coloured lighting to draw further attention to your kitchen island. There is no need to opt for just one set colour, why not choose a colour changing strip light so you can pick and choose the correct shade to suit your mood and how the kitchen is being used.

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