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BLUM has made a major investment at their Milton Keynes facility to benefit customers at different levels. The new interactive showrooms, laboratory kitchens, test-drive areas, and machine shops have been developed for Blum’s front-line customers, distributors, associated institutions from fitters to colleges and last, but by no means least, the kitchen buyer!

The House of Blum consists of:

  • A new showroom including Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom and Living Room displays.
  • A laboratory kitchen.
  • The Age Explorer suit.
  • The test drive area for kitchen planning.
  • Live and interactive use of Blum’s latest E-Services.
  • Machine shop for practical demonstrations.

The entire exercise and investment in the new facility has been planned for future Blum participation with full customer involvement. It will allow Blum customers to hold training days, retailers to advance their selling strategies, and even allow kitchen buyers the opportunity to better plan their kitchens and understand what to discuss before heading off to invest in a new kitchen.

Test drive your kitchen

Test drive your kitchen

A planned kitchen can be arranged on a 1:1 scale using the mobile cabinets

The use of House of Blum is free to all once an appointment is made. Please call 01908 285 700 for more information.

Blum products are found in all good kitchens. For more information on Blum please visit Find your nearest retailer here

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