Warm it up. Cool it down


LED lights (Light Emitting Diodes) may have been first invented over 50 years ago but the more recent development of white LEDs is what brought the technology into the public eye as a replacement for other white light sources. Offering great advantages over other lights they are now used in hundreds of commercial environments.

Warm it up. Cool it down

Be sure to choose the right colour lights in your next kitchen design

More latterly they started to be used in domestic environments and are now seen by most leading kitchen designers as an integral part of a new kitchen design. Interior Designers too are now choosing LED lighting as a great way to revitalise an existing kitchen design. Lighting plans for a kitchen are best included during the planning stages of a new kitchen and it’s really important that the correct colour lighting is chosen to best compliment the style of the kitchen and the materials chosen.

Yes, Cool White LED lights can cast a bright, an almost blue beam across the room, which is ideal for a more contemporary minimalist kitchen design. Whereas the Warm White LED option, matching conventional halogen lighting, is perfect for a more traditional kitchen accentuating any timber finishes brilliantly.

There’s lot of choice in LED lighting designs too, whether it be for task lighting, under the wall cabinet to light up the work top areas or mood lighting on/in the plinth or above the wall units to project light onto the ceiling. The lighting can be dimmed too to create atmospheric lighting at different times of the day. There’s also a choice of coloured LED lights using a flexible self-adhesive lighting strip. The strip, used to create mood lighting, offers seven colours and can be set to display just one of the colours or to a slow or rapid colour change option, allowing all colours to be viewed in sequence. What’s more the lighting can be dimmed or the colour changed by one remote control.

Opt for a flexible self-adhesive lighting strip offering 7 colours

Opt for a flexible self-adhesive lighting strip offering 7 colours

So what are the advantages to traditional lighting. LED lights are energy efficient as they use between 50-90% less energy and are made from fully recyclable materials. They have a much longer lifespan, generally quoted at around 18 years with average usage of 8 hours daily. They don’t flicker, they emit no UV Emissions, they require less maintenance and are therefore overall a more effective option. The initial cost of LED fittings is outweighed by these long term benefits.

Designing an LED lighting plan may not have been part of a new kitchen design 10 years ago but specialist suppliers, like Sensio, have made the job easier. Designers can now select easy to fit lighting packs specifically designed for the Kitchen, whether that be under cabinet, in cabinet, above cabinet or plinth lighting. And products from Sensio specifically are now included in many of the industry CAD kitchen design and pricing systems like 2020, KBB Connect, EQ Software and Compusoft, so it’s just a case of dragging and dropping their lighting products into your kitchen design.

Sensio UK LtdEstablished in 2007, Sensio Lighting Ltd specialise in providing the latest technology in high quality lighting solutions to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom (KBB) market. Based in Yorkshire, we design and develop inspiring lighting products for the UK and selected export markets. We sell our products through KBB Retailers nationwide. For further details contact Sensio on 0845 0340 780 or visit www.sensio.co.uk

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