What is round the corner?


“If I had one of those years ago, I would still be married…”

This is a comment made by a customer to our showroom, whilst looking at corner solutions for Kitchen cabinets. Now I could see his point completely, I cook a lot and my corner gives me cause to utter some pretty unsavoury words on a regular basis.

I think my corner is pretty much the standard in most houses today, and I recently visited a couple of new show homes that had the same old corner with shelf option, makes me just want to scream.

A corner in a kitchen with a shelf is just about the most unpractical and least functional cabinet available.

I could rant on about this for hours, but instead let me show you exactly why…

Andrea's kitchen corner

My corner

Inside Andrea's cupboards


Andrea's cupboard contents

Corner cupboard contents

Andrea's cupboard contents

More contents…

So as you can see, I store and use regularly lots of pans, bakeware and plastic containers. In fact my corner has lots of room for storage… I just cannot access it easily without getting on my knees and stretching into the cupboard. Usually something falls out and quite often I say something bad!

Here is my daughter demonstrating the effort required when getting items out from the back.

Now its not so hard for an 18 year old to get down on her knees and stretch right in to back, but much harder for me and how much harder for an elderly person who may have problems with their hips/knees and back.

So, when I get a new kitchen this is my main focus… a well designed option for storing goods in a corner.

The depths of the corner should be used for items that are not used so regularly, unfortunately due to lack of storage generally in my kitchen I have to use the space daily.

Lack of space is probably as issue in majority of kitchens… think carefully when planning a new kitchen.

It will be important to stay within a budget I know, but think about how you use your kitchen, how functional and comfortable it is for you, try not to cut corners (no pun intended!) on the parts that will make your life easier.

Blum Spacecorner option

Blum option for your kitchen corner…

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