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With such a wide range of lighting solutions now available, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right fittings to suit your kitchens needs. It is important that your lighting scheme not only enhances the appearance of your kitchen, but also makes it a more user-friendly space.

First, think practically by considering the basic functions your kitchen will need to perform. Incorporate task lighting under your kitchen wall units so that the work surfaces beneath are well lit for everyday jobs including cooking and cleaning. Task lighting can come in the form of strip lighting or spot light fittings (surface or recess), both of which have become so advanced that they are now more discreet than ever before to allow the kitchen to have a sleek, tidy appearance.

HD LED Triangle Task Light from Sensio

HD LED Triangle Task Light

Once you have the essentials in place, think about how you can make your kitchen work to your advantage by including convenience lighting. Fit cabinet lighting to illuminate the interior of wall mounted cabinet units, or cutlery and pan drawer lighting to stop you scrabbling around for the utensil you need.

Under cabinet strip lighting and plinth lighting from Sensio

Under cabinet strip lighting

Now that you’ve sorted out the practical lighting, you can think about how to highlight the kitchen furniture and show off your wares. Strip lighting can be one of the most effective tools for lighting your kitchen as it can be used to highlight plinths, around islands or even under the worktops.  You can even try a colour changing strip for an eye-catching effect. In addition, you can also include over-cabinet lighting as well as glass shelf lighting to highlight any contents on display.

The controls for your kitchen are almost just as important as the light fittings themselves. Make your kitchen as convenient as possible by locating the switches where you enter and exit the kitchen. Dimmer switches will allow you to easily adjust the brightness of the lights in accordance to how you are using the kitchen and including motion sensors will make the kitchen extremely user-friendly.

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