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Here at Blum our core product development has centred on ergonomics, ease of access and perfecting motion. In an effort to understand the difficulties that older kitchen users may experience, Blum developed a special suit called the “Age Explorer” which simulates typical physical limitations.

The Age Explorer suit

The Age Explorer is a suit that simulates movement restrictions

The Age Explorer uses weights, goggles and ear defenders to restrict muscle use, eyesight and hearing. Special gloves simulate arthritic conditions in fingers and joints and internal weights limit normal muscular use like stretching, bending, reaching and pulling.

  1. Bindings limit the motion of elbows and knees.
  2. Special topstitches in the suit make it difficult to straighten the arms.
  3. Weights that are attached directly to the arm and leg musculature simulate decreasing muscle strength.
  4. Special gloves imitate arthritis and make it difficult to grasp and feel objects.
  5. Glasses limit the eyesight.
  6. Headphones mimic hearing limitations.
  7. The yellow-coloured visor limits the field of vision and simulates the clouding and yellowing/colouring of the eye lens.
Age Explorer and full-extension drawer

Pull-outs instead of shelves in the base cabinet make kitchen work easier

Using the Age Explorer as a research tool Blum have realised the benefits to users of full-extension drawers and pull-outs – especially in base units where fixed shelves have to be replaced as they are severely restricting. They also recognised the usefulness of special units like the Space Corner instead of the conventional carousel in a corner unit and the benefits of proper internal organisation based around their Orga-Line system.

More recently and critically the introduction of Servo-Drive has shown enormous benefits. Servo-drive is an aid to allow the automatic opening of base unit drawers by pressure on the drawer front or just the slightest of pulls on the handle.

Age Explorer in the kitchen

The Age Explorer is Blum’s latest research tool for Dynamic Space research.

Finally the importance of Blumotion soft close cannot be over estimated for this inclusive design sector.

Blum have done pioneering work in applying the Age Explorer concept to product design and now, interestingly, the idea has been taken up in the automotive sector and sports equipment manufacturing.

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