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We’re always interested to hear individual interpretations of trends, so we’re pleased to bring you  news and views from Richard Davonport, MD at Davonport Kitchen & Home. He reveals the key trends that will shape kitchen design over the next 12 months and unsurprisingly, the main influence is how the pandemic has changed the shape of our daily lives and the resulting demands on our homes.

Broken Plan Layouts

He says ‘When people think about kitchen design they tend to focus on the colour and texture of cabinetry, worktops, and splashbacks but the extraordinary year that we’ve just experienced will have a lasting effect not only on aesthetic choices but on the physical layout and configuration of the spaces and rooms that we occupy. Open plan layouts have evolved over the last decade, however, with the whole family living and working from home together throughout 2020, the need for privacy and a sense of personal space has never been higher. Here at Davonport we’ve started to see a trend towards more broken plan layouts, with our clients creating separate areas behind sections of walls or screens to accommodate activities such as working from home or watching television. Where homeowners are building new extensions to accommodate a kitchen, there is a shift towards more interesting floor plans to create clearly defined zones, rather than simply a ‘bigger is better’ approach’.

Seating For All The Family

Richard continues … ‘Prior to 2020, eating together as a whole family was a less regular event, often limited to Sunday roasts and special occasions. However, with families now together for most mealtimes, ample seating and space to dine together has become more of a priority. Davonport expects integrated seating solutions such as banquette and breakfast bar style seating to become ever more popular in 2021 and for homeowners to specify multiple eating zones to accommodate the dining habits of all family members’.

Super Storage Solutions

‘As we all noticed, during the first national lockdown of 2020, homeowners’ food shopping habits changed dramatically. Many households used home delivery services for the first time and there was the need for the weekly shop to last for the full seven days – including snacks and drinks! This naturally led to a need for more storage – for both fresh and food cupboard items as well bulky cleaning and household products. As the year progressed, the trend for increased storage and larger capacity appliances continued. We expect that walk-in pantries and larder-style units will be a big trend in kitchen design for 2021, to accommodate all our necessities!’

Hot Water Taps

‘Replacing a traditional kettle with a hot water tap was a popular choice for many homeowners in 2020 and the trend isn’t slowing as we enter 2021. Last year homeworkers realised the benefits of hot taps; being able to make instant hot drinks in between (and even during) meetings, and the lack of noise meant reduced disruption to other family members sharing the same space. As a result, they have been a go-to addition to the modern kitchen’.

Going for Green

‘Greens were a popular colour choice for hand painted kitchens throughout 2020. The bolder, darker shades paired with brass and gold tone accessories dominated social media feeds last year. We’re noticing that there is still a big interest in the darker shades, but the trend also seems to be moving towards lighter, softer tones that are paired with more natural finished textures and materials. Experts suggest that softer, natural tones and materials, reminiscent of nature, reflect that we are seeking to connect with the outdoors after spending more time than ever before within the same four walls’.

Home Bars 

‘With restrictions limiting our ability to socialise in pubs, bars and restaurants, many homeowners looked to recreate this environment in their own home. This led to a rise in popularity of ‘home bars’ with everything from integrated wine storage, to larger drinks cabinets, and bespoke cabinetry to store appropriate glassware. Deep drawers are ideal for bottle storage!’

 Socialising & A Fabulous Drinks Cabinet

“Designing a multifunctional kitchen space that meets the needs of the whole family is now absolutely critical. Whether it’s a makeshift office, the location for a romantic ‘night-out’, a temporary coffee-shop, a classroom, or more traditionally, a place for the whole family to get together at mealtimes, our kitchens have to work harder than ever, so it’s hugely important that as much thought goes into making the most of the available space as it does the cabinetry design and colour.” For more information please visit or call 0845 468 0025.

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