Kitchen Design Case Studies

The stories behind the kitchen design – including Q&As with leading KBB industry designers…

Leicht Ceres Lava Design - by Kitchens International

The new owners had recently purchased this Grade B listed apartment in Edinburgh when they approached Kitchens International...…

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New deVOL Showroom - by Helen Parker

deVOL's St John's Square Showroom

Helen Parker is the designer responsible for the unique and dramatic looks that epitomise the deVOL style. She is a multi-tasker, originating all...…

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French Grey In-Frame Kitchen - by Edwin Loxley

Edwin Loxley 1

The story: The project was a total kitchen refurbishment for a traditional Portuguese villa, built in 2008. The previous kitchen was a standard…

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New Flagship Showroom - by DesignSpace London

09 DSL_Webber St

The story: The new DesignSpace London showroom is astonishing … there are hidden gems, quirky details and a beautiful vision of the use of space. …

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Just Right in Black and White - by Cococucine


The story: The client approached us with a brief to design and install a stylish, functional and ergonomic kitchen for this open plan 690 square ... …

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Handless Gloss White Futura Kitchen from Mereway - by Classic Interiors

1) Classic Interiors

The story: The owners of this property wanted a larger, brighter kitchen with an island. The space was modest, so the room was first extended to…

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Second Nature Broadoak Painted Kitchen - by Fearon Bros

Fearon Bros 1

The story: Established in 1979, Fearon Bros are an award-winning family business specialising in creating bespoke kitchen and bedroom furniture…

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Diesel Social Kitchen by Diesel & Scavoloni at Multiliving

Scavolini 1

The story: This kitchen is called the Diesel Social Kitchen, which was designed by Diesel, the leading Italian fashion brand, and Scavolini, which... …

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Pale and Beautiful - by Kitchens International

Pic 01 - Kitchens International

The story: Glenn & Hilary Ford wanted Paul O’Brien, Co-Founder & Design Director of Kitchens International to create a bright, airy...…

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All White ... With splashes of Colour

02 LP

Laurence Pidgeon designed an outstanding kitchen within this spectacular sunny extension. This is just one of dozens of kitchens he has influenced ……

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With two cookery schools and numerous television appearances, Nick knew exactly what he wanted when he and his wife Holly renovated an 1848 barn...…

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Bespoke Handpainted Kitchen by Searle & Taylor

3 Searle & Taylor

The story: This new-build house is a timber-framed building with many exposed oak posts and beams, which needed to be taken into account when...…

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Norwegian Stone (and Wood) - featuring Lundhs


The story: We wanted the kitchen to be the social hub of the house with an open room feeling. We like to have friends over for dinner and so we...…

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In-Frame Shaker - by Heaven & Stubbs

Heaven & Stubbs 9

The story: For this project, Heaven & Stubbs worked closely with the interior designer homeowner of a London Victorian terraced house. An associate...…

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Pure Design & Super Storage - by Holloways of Ludlow

01 Achilova

The story: The priority in this kitchen design was to create enough storage for a growing family home in a new extension whilst incorporating an...…

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Blues and Views – by Harvey Jones

01 Blue Harvey Jones

The story: The client visited our showroom before the build had even started and decided that they wanted to proceed with a Linear kitchen by...…

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Brilliant Blue & Bright Red - By British Standard

07 Brilliant Blue & Bright Red

The story: This kitchen, from British Standard, was created by owner Alex Evans, who wanted a bright and appealing kitchen that could come in on an...…

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Grey and Cashmere Mereway Kitchen - by Roman Bathrooms

Roman Bathrooms 4

The story: A tiny L-shaped kitchen has been transformed with a modest one-metre extension. The new space is now flooded with natural light, as the...…

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1909 Partridge Grey and Charcoal Kitchen - By The Malvern Kitchen Studio

Malvern Kitchen Studio 2

The story: This Victorian townhouse was being renovated, so the kitchen was just part of the transformation to this family home. The plan was to...…

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Perfect Style in Black Walnut - By Kitchens International

01 KI Lynch

The story: Paul O’Brien, Co-Founder & Design Director, Kitchens International had to instigate some serious re-organisation to make this kitchen...…

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The Chef's Kitchen - By Papilio


The story: This contemporary bespoke kitchen, part of a complete property renovation in Somerset, allowed Matt Prall and Stephen Garland of Papilio...…

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Making A Statement - By The Caulfield Company


Mark Caulfield, founder and MD, The Caulfield Company took charge of a huge project to open up the back of this stunning house. He designed an...…

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Summerville Painted Kitchen - By Tom Howley

The story: This kitchen was part of a bigger restoration project. Empty for almost 25 years, the gothic tower cottage needed more than a little...…

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Fontaine Kitchen - By Holloways of Ludlow

Fontaine Kitchen by Holloways of Ludlow (08a)

The story: The owner of this period terraced home in London wanted a kitchen where she could enjoy her love of cooking and entertaining...…

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Second Nature Remo Design - By Noble Signature Kitchens


The story: The property was a new-build, which the client totally planned out down to the last detail. Between the client and the designers, they...…

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Simple and Spacious - By Neil Lerner


The story: Design Director Eve Turner, of Neil Lerner Kitchen Design was asked to create a symmetrical and glamorous kitchen for a couple and...…

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Clever, Colourful, and Very, Very Simple – By British Standard Cupboards

01 Landscape British Standard Scotland

The story: ‘Our project involved creating a large family kitchen room within a contemporary extension. The whole project was designed and built from..…

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Pale Blue Kitchen - by Rencraft

05 Rencraft

SUMMER STYLING: Pale, summery blue hand painted cabinets provide a distinctive colour theme for this hand-made kitchen by Rencraft...…

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Architectural Kitchen - By Martin Moore

Martin Moore 1

The story: The Danish couple who commissioned this Martin Moore kitchen bought a tired 1970s house in Surrey because it overlooked a beautiful lake...…

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Beautiful in Blue - By Hub Kitchens

1 Hub Kitchens

The story: I was asked to design a space that would look unique and be totally suitable and practical for entertaining. My clients are restaurateurs..…

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A Kitchen for Entertaining - By Neil Lerner

Neil Lerner 1

The story: This kitchen was part of a much larger home renovation project in which the whole of the downstairs was reconfigured and …

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Classic Shaker Kitchen - By Charlie Kingham

Charlie Kingham 1

The story: The client was less driven by the need to create a redesigned kitchen layout, but more so by the overall aesthetic. The kitchen needed to..…

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Scandinavian Kitchen - by Papilio

Papilio 1

The story: The brief from the client was to create a vibrant family room, which was both functional and social. They wanted a contemporary space...…

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High Gloss Bespoke Kitchen - by Roundhouse

Roundhouse 2

The story: The client wanted a wow factor. She knew she wanted a high gloss finish and as it’s a very large open plan light filled space...…

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Heart of Hampstead – by Neil Lerner Kitchen Design

01 NL Errol Lipman

The story: Neil Lerner was invited to design this large and spacious kitchen in Hampstead, North London for clients he had previously worked with...…

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On Display - by Martin Moore & Co

07 Martin Moore

The story: Every designer wants their showroom to reflect the very best of their design, planning and construction skills. The company had its 40th...…

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Classic Shaker Handpainted Kitchen - by Edmondson Interiors

Edmondson Interiors 1

The story: This kitchen was challenging because we had been asked to put the new kitchen into the basement and the basement needed some care and...…

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Painted and Oak Shaker - by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones 2

The story: The clients live in a fantastic old Georgian farmhouse, a busy household given that they run a farm and have two children. On Jenna’s ...…

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The Disappearing Kitchen - by i29

kitchen i29 01

Sometimes, the architecture and design of a house or apartment is so spectacular and proportional to the age and style of the building...…

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Light, Blue and Airy - By Smallbone of Devizes

05 Light, Blue and Airy

Our clients wanted to create a kitchen with a style blending both classic and contemporary ideas. One of the main priorities was an easy flow...…

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Luxurious Open Plan Kitchen - By Tom Howley

Tom Howley 3

The story: For Lydia, a keen cook with three children, creating a relaxed social space was number one on her checklist...…

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All things light and beautiful - By Rencraft

02 Hand Painted 18b

Our client had some very specific ideas for the kitchen. Crucially, they didn’t want the island to look like a fitted part of the kitchen...…

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The Perfect Blend - By Touch Design

Touch Design 1

The clients, who live in a period Devon property, asked us to design a contemporary kitchen environment as part of a refurbishment that included...…

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Creative Contrast - by Podesta

01 Podesta main shot

The story: They wanted something classic but with a twist … which is evident here on details like the door handles on the fridge/larder run...…

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Bespoke Handmade Kitchen - by Chamber Furniture

Chamber Furniture 1

The story: This kitchen redesign was part of some major changes to an old vicarage, a renovation project near Maidstone. Created by Chamber Furniture,…

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Simply Perfect – by Holloways of Ludlow

Simply Perfect - by Holloways of Ludlow 3

Symmetry and simplicity are the keywords for this understated kitchen design by Holloways of Ludlow……

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Black & White Contrast - by Mobalpa

07 Mobalpa - white kitchen, window

‘This design was based on the customer’s brief to create a social space that flowed, with a minimal look. The customer requested an all-white ...…

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Modern Handleless Kitchen - by Cue & Co

Modern Handless Kitchen - designed by Cue & Co of London 6

The layout of the kitchen works very well ergonomically. The island with the breakfast bar is the central feature and bridges the gap between the...…

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Colourful Kitchen - by Nicholas Harris Interiors

Crown Imperial 4

The story: Nicholas Harris Interiors are a family run business situated in rural Kent. They specialise in design, installation and build projects...…

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Subtle Kitchen - by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones 3

The story: The owner wanted a contemporary and fresh looking kitchen, with a touch of minimalist simplicity whilst at the same time, avoiding an...…

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Spacious Kitchen - by Rencraft

Rencraft 2

The story: Our client had very specific ideas and specifications. As a keen cook and home baker she had very detailed functional requirements...…

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Contemporary Kitchen - by Kaizen Furniture

Kaizen Furniture 2

The story: Grosvenor Estates were looking for a company with a clear understanding of aesthetics in kitchen design and experience...…

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Bespoke Parapan Kitchen - by Mowlem

Bespoke Parapan Kitchen by Mowlem & Co 1

The story: Part of an extensive refurbishment of a substantial family home in Surrey, Mowlem & Co have created an impressive...…

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Macassar kitchen - by Smallbone

Macassar kitchen by Smallbone 02

The story: Design Director Steven de Munnich elaborates… ‘The house is Georgian, built in 1820 and is a four-storey granite building...…

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British Standard Kitchen – by Nest Development

British Standard Kitchen - Designed by Nest Development 2

The story: This kitchen is situated in a large open plan space. To work, it needed to be timeless and not dominate. Nick and Camille felt it best to…

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Subtle Shades - by Martin Moore

01 Martin Moore & Co - Benbow 31707 LR

The Story: The room in which the new kitchen was to be installed was originally the drawing room. Our clients were certain this was the right position…

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Classic Kitchen – by Barnes of Ashburton

Classic Framed-Style Kitchen 1 - Designed by Barnes of Ashburton

The story: Jenny and Paul’s existing kitchen was dark and small for the size of the property so their extension plans involved creating a large…

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Kitchen Case Study: Clever Angles

Jones kitchen by HOLLOWAYS of LUDLOW

The story: The owners required a new, bright and spacious kitchen with clean, contemporary lines. Holloways of Ludlow were commissioned to re-design…

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Contemporary Shaker – by Higham Furniture

Contemporary Shaker Kitchen - designed by Higham Furniture 1

The story: This design features elongated wall cabinets with glazed back-lit top cupboards to make it more in keeping with what the American client…

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Bespoke Kitchen – by McCarron & Co

01 Bespoke Kitchen – designed by McCarron & Co

The story: The owners wanted a sophisticated, restful kitchen with top-quality appliances and hand-made bespoke fitted cabinetry that would stand…

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Bespoke Kitchen – by Johnny Grey Studios

Bespoke Kitchen - designed by Johnny Grey Studios 1

The story: Located on the ground floor of a beach house facing the sea, with access to an outdoor pool and garden area, this sociable family kitchen…

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Heritage Kitchen – by Mowlem

01 Mowlem & Co Heritage Kitchen

The story: This stylish period home was an extensive renovation project. The kitchen needed updating with beautiful cabinetry and high-specification…

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Nickelby Kitchen – Humphrey Munson Kitchens

Nickelby Kitchen - Designed by Humphrey Munson Kitchens 2

The story: With a rich history of master cabinetmakers stretching back to the late 1800s, Humphrey Munson has earned a reputation for excellence in…

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Curved Kitchen – Designed by Roundhouse

Curved Kitchen 2 - Designed by Roundhouse

The story: This former 17th century barn was built on a hillside location in Herefordshire with fabulous views. It’s now an open plan conversion…

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Shaker Kitchen – Designed by Harvey Jones

Shaker Kitchen Picture 2 - Designed by Harvey Jones

The story: Located in a three-storey Victorian townhouse in London, this kitchen from Harvey Jones incorporates individual touches such as...…

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