Norwegian Stone (and Wood) – featuring Lundhs


Janne Magnussen is Communications Manager for Lundhs, so it was completely natural for her to choose Lundhs Real Stone work surfaces for her own kitchen, which was designed by her husband.


Q: What were the stand-out priorities for the kitchen that you and your husband wanted to achieve?

We wanted the kitchen to be the social hub of the house with an open room feeling. We like to have friends over for dinner and so we wanted to make sure the space could be used for both cooking and entertaining. We live close to the sea so big windows were important for us to really make the most of the view, it’s amazing to have a sea view while cooking, drinking coffee and having breakfast!


Q: How did you set about designing the layout; did you have help and advice from the cabinet supplier?

We had some online help from a cabinet supplier but we did most of the planning ourselves. My husband is an engineer and handy man, so it was easier for us to do the work ourselves. We had some technical and practical advice from the architect who designed our house, but the kitchen design was very much my husband’s work.


Q: Can you explain the reasons behind the choices of materials for the cabinetry and work surfaces

We chose a typical Scandinavian minimalistic design for the cabinetry, which was supplied by a Danish company called Kvik. We had a couple of priorities … to highlight the tactile and beautifully coloured elements like the natural stone worktop and also the solid wood used for the dining table and the flooring. I think the pure and simple lines of the cabinetry make the natural elements stand out and look even more striking.

Q: What building work was involved in this project?

The house was built in 2008 by my husband, working with a joinery company. We also worked with a local architect, Finn Stokkland. The kitchen has had a few small changes over the years, but because we started by choosing sustainable materials the maintenance is easier and the interior lasts longer.


Q: What design elements and details make you happiest?

I really like the combination of the natural materials which all originate from Norway. Of course, I chose the kitchen worktop from Lundhs Real Stone as I know all about the production processes and have the utmost confidence in its quality and longevity. The colours are beautiful and intense too. I also love the big pendant from Flos as it gives a soft and warm light during the long winter, and it reminds me of a spectacular full moon on dark Norwegian nights!


Q: What is your best advice for someone who may be planning a new kitchen?

During the first phase, it’s all about being inspired. Read magazines, search on Pinterest, blogs and Instagram, and naturally, The Kitchen Think. In the second phase I recommend setting a budget (if you haven’t already done that), visit stores, showrooms and suppliers, get in touch with the distributors and ask for prices. In the third phase, it is important to be realistic, try to find a way to combine your dream kitchen with your budget. Search for environmentally friendly materials and try to do second hand shopping. You don’t have to follow the trends, choose your own style and find the most suitable, natural and durable materials. Importantly, make sure there’s enough surface space for creative cooking moments!


We Love: The depth and intensity of the Lundhs Emerald work surface, which contains naturally sparkly feldspar crystals – a perfect contrast to the chic, plain white cabinets.

Work surfaces: Lundhs Emerald Real Stone, also available in Antique (a tortoise shell-style brown with clear blue crystals), Blue (a deep, inky blue), Royal (icy blue-grey). From

Kvik cabinets,

Hob and dishwasher: Miele,

Extractor: Thermex,

Central Pendant light by FLOS, Glo-Ball S by Jasper Morrison,

Solid eik (oak) wood flooring by Slottsgulv, from Norway,

Architect: Finn Stokkland

Photographer: Morten Rakke (credit for all images)


Above: The exterior of the house, designed by architect Finn Stokkland

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