2023’s Kitchen Trends – as predicted by The Myers Touch


Award-winning kitchen designers The Myers Touch have revealed the latest trends they predict will be seen in their kitchen designs in 2023. Renowned for creating truly bespoke kitchen spaces that offer far more than just cabinetry and appliance options, The Myers Touch create kitchen designs from European and international influences that stem from a deep understanding of their clients, their brief and how they want to interact as a family within the space around them. “We are excited to include a range of new designs, concepts, appliances, products and materials we had the pleasure of seeing launched at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair and from visiting our European suppliers to see their latest innovations in kitchen design,” reveals Director Keith Myers.

Photography: Paul Craig

Contemporary kitchen designed by The Myers Touch in collaboration with AR Design Studio

Warm, natural and timeless finishes

The Myers Touch predict 2023 will see an increase in the use of natural materials in our kitchen spaces, as they enhance a home through their warmth and create definition and interest in a room. For example, contrasting and layering natural wood materials such as oak, walnut and soft maple with exposed brickwork brings out the beauty of both the wood and the original features of a space.

The use of natural materials and complementary colour palettes also ensures that a scheme will evolve around future trends, so it remains a timeless design. “The use of natural elements will increase in our kitchen spaces, as our clients seek to create peaceful and harmonious spaces in their homes using different wood veneers, worktops and handcrafted cabinetry,” explains Helena Myers, Director of The Myers Touch.

Contemporary kitchen designed by The Myers Touch in collaboration with AR Design Studio

Open plan with clever zoning

Connectivity remains a strong theme, as families want to increase bonds and communication with each other but at the same time connect with their surrounding environment to create more harmonious spaces. Creating clever internal zoning within the kitchen living space enables the right amount of separation, mixed with the right amount of togetherness.

Kitchen design by The Myers Touch in collaboration with Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt Architects & Adam Thomas

Layering textures and materials

Combining colours, materials and textures is a dominant trend that will increase in popularity in 2023. Our designers use an expert blend of modern cabinetry, natural stone, concrete-effect worktops, eco appliances, sleek materials and finishes to create. a sleek and contemporary look in both period and modern properties.

Our designers are confident that the trend of using slatted wood walls in darker tones to provide further textural contrast and definition will expand further in 2023. For example, soft-toned grey and warm wood-effect cabinetry juxtaposes beautifully with nickel cabinets and marble and moody-toned quartz worktops to provide a connection with the other luxury materials in the space. “We are seeing two interesting approaches regarding layering,” adds Helena. “The first is the subtle layering of similar-toned textures to create a clean, gentle and soothing space and the second is the bold juxtaposition of many shapes and colours that result in an atmosphere of joy and creativity with a highly personalised outcome in a kitchen space.”

Interior finishes – hand-painted wallpapers and murals in kitchens
2023 will also see an increase in luxury hand-painted and hand-embroidered wallpapers, such as Chinoiserie designs from De Gournay that bring a romantic, whimsical piece of art to a kitchen space.

Hand-painted wall murals will also increase in popularity, as they reflect a homeowner’s true sense of style and mirror the increasing trend that the interior finish in a kitchen space is as important to a homeowner as the cabinetry and appliances. In contrast, homeowners are becoming more daring with their paint finish choices choosing tones such as Pale Pink as they seek to provide a soft, welcoming feel.

Contemporary Kitchen design by The Myers Touch

The dominance of metal finishes and textures

Product launches in 2022 reflected the trend of using different metal finishes and textures in kitchens such as cabinetry handles, taps, wall finishes, appliances, lighting, shelving and accessories that create interest and design details in the space. “By incorporating different textures, materials and features we bring individuality, personality and interest to their kitchen design, creating atmospheres which are perfect for our new way of living,” says Keith.

Kitchen design by The Myers Touch in collaboration with Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt Architects & Adam Thomas

Technology and small appliances

Homeowners are not only looking for appliances that allow them to cook healthy meals such as built- in steam ovens, but there is a huge increase in the purchasing of smaller appliances that allow them to cook quick and tasty meals such as air fryers or a Thermomix. Not only are these types of appliances more energy efficient but they ultimately allow homeowners to prepare family meals in a shorter amount of time than conventional ovens, therefore reducing energy bills and increasing convenience.

To accommodate for these smaller appliances being used regularly in kitchen spaces, The Myers Touch predict they will be increasingly designing dedicated storage space for smaller cooking appliances so that they can be used regularly and stored away neatly in cupboards with pocket doors, pantries or a bespoke pull-out drawer to ensure their kitchen spaces remain tidy and uncluttered.

Pocket doors were designed to store this client’s Thermomix and toaster within an award-winning kitchen design by The Myers Touch

A breakfast cupboard in an award-winning kitchen design by The Myers Touch

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