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Last month I was very intrigued to attend the launch of the latest Gtech vacuum, the AirRam Mk2. What does this have to do with kitchens you may ask, but considering how many crumbs my teenage son manages to drop all over the kitchen floor of an evening, not to mention the dining area where friends gather for cakes and catch-ups and even the fact that the cat has his own seat and it’s no wonder I was in need of some cleaning miracle.

The launch began with an introduction from Gtech CEO and founder Nick Grey who talked us through the history of this innovative cordless brand, which was launched in 2012. Next, science and technology presenter Dallas Campbell took to the stage to give us the lowdown on the new product. It certainly makes for interesting reading…

Keeping the core principles of the original, the new AirRam Mk2’s dirt collection system has been completely redesigned. Dirt is compacted into a tubular bale with an aluminium slider for cleaner emptying. It cleans uneven and deeply creviced flooring with a unique patented AirLOC system and in international cleaning tests, the new model outperforms the UK’s best-selling cordless vacuums across all surfaces – carpet, hard floor and crevices.



Having tried and tested the new model, I can confirm that yes, it really does lift dirt you didn’t even know was there. You also get 40 minutes of power from a four-hour charge, a lightweight design that can easily be moved upstairs when needed and snazzy LED searchlights to seek out those elusive crumbs. Priced £199, you can check it out for yourself at www.gtech.co.uk – there’s also the Gtech Multi Mk2 and for £299 you can buy both.



Now my vacuum needs are sorted, I’ve got my eye on some lovely other cleaning tools that are doing the rounds at the moment…


The Cottage in the Hills Natural Cleaning range by Mangle & Wringer doesn’t have any nasty chemicals but removes grease and grime from all hard washable surfaces, with no need to rinse. There’s a Kitchen Cleaner, Good for Glass cleaner, Bathroom Balm and Pure Laundry powder as well as a Spray and Go and Cotswold Beeswax Polish, with prices from £5.60 at www.cottageinthehills.com


Keep the area around the sink neat and tidy with this Wash Up Tidy from Grace & Glory. I love the Dorset Blue design as it would really jazz up my white tiled windowsill. It’s priced £16 from wwww.graceandgloryhome.co.uk


I’m a sucker for a stylish dustpan and brush and it’s good to invest in a new set every now and again. My current favourite is this galvanized metal and wood combo, which costs £8 at www.gardentrading.co.uk


There are so many lovely things at www.dotcomgiftshop.com that it’s hard to pick just one but for a splash of colour when cleaning tabletops and worksurfaces, I love these Vintage Apple Kitchen Cloths, priced £2.95 for four.

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