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Ryan Henderson is owner of Henderstone LTD, a leading online retailer of quality quartz, granite and other worktop variants for homes and offices in South East. He is passionate about all things related to home improvement. Now a specialist worktop supplier, he loves to write on related topics when he finds time from his hectic schedule.

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Why installing Granite Worktops is a great investment…

For your kitchen, you always need a tough and durable surface


Nowadays homemakers yearn for perfection. Especially, when it comes to their kitchen, they now not only want it to look classy but modular as well. Thus, Granite worktops are fast becoming the hottest high-end option. Maintaining the aesthetics of your kitchen, they incorporate hygiene, appearance and functionality…

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All about Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are stain-proof as they are non-porous


Among the many varieties of worktop materials available, Quartz Worktops always get high marks for their strength and beauty. Better known as the ‘Engineered Stone worktops’, these are in-demand for their durability and amazing colours. There is a lot more to know about this popular material. Have a look!

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