BEAUTIFULLY CO-ORDINATED: A project by Kitchen Coordination featuring cabinetry by Rational, designed by Vivienne Warman


Vivienne Warman, owner/designer of Kitchen Coordination designed this quirky kitchen for her client. She wanted a homely look featuring timber and textures with a slightly retro influence to suit their 1970s townhouse, which was being dramatically refurbished.

‘My client wanted a kitchen that had a homely and welcoming feel – hence her choice of open shelving and lots of plants. Our Rational High Gloss Laminate Puro cabinets were a perfect choice’

‘I was given a strict budget to work with, and worked very hard to ensure that my client had everything she wanted for this kitchen within that budget! It was important to be mindful of all costs, taking into consideration the extensive building work that was going on, too

‘Everything within the kitchen became a family decision, with my clients husband and two daughters getting involved too. They had lived in the house for quite a few years so this kitchen was important, and a longed-for choice’

‘On one side of the room there are reduced depth units with shelves above – my client said she loved the shelves as they look like they are smiling! The plants add a great touch of colour and vibrancy, as well as fitting in well with the retro style. The house is a 19702 town house which has been extensively refitted – the whole project included moving the original kitchen from the first floor to the ground floor, and also opened up the existing living and dining spaces. The architect is George Omalianakis, GOAStudio

‘My client just loves the whole area – it has changed their lives – given them more room as a family and created a lovely space to live and dine in’

We tried and suggested various colour combinations and the final decision was for Rational White High Gloss Repro for the perimeter cabinets, and Rational Puro with Rational Lano Wood Repro for the island. The family loved the combination of high gloss with the wood,  and the work surfaces are Quarella Quartz – which emphasise a modern, glossy finish’

‘The whole back of the house has been improved and transformed, and the kitchen is now the star of the show!’.

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