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Blum’s Stand at KBB excelled once again. Linda Parker came away from her visit mightily impressed.

It’s always a pleasure to visit a Blum exhibition stand, and true to form, their stand at KBB 2018 didn’t disappoint. And that’s not just my opinion, it won the award for ‘Best Kitchen Stand Over 50 sq M’ too. The stand certainly seemed to be a ‘destination’ for many visitors, who could be seen striding down the aisles heading straight for it. Personally, I circled around the perimeter twice before deciding that yes, I’d got my bearings and wasn’t going in-the-out or vice versa. Blum kept the design simple but hugely informative, presenting what they do (which is actually extremely complex) in a bite-sized, simple, format, allowing first-time visitors to get a great overview of Blum’s breadth of fittings and seasoned visitors to get a pretty much instant update on the newest developments.

Needless to say, in the first zone, I had a good look at the SPACE TOWER solutions; having seen SPACE TOWER quite a few times before, it’s always good to see a new interpretation of the displays and frankly, to be astonished all over again at the sheer capacity. Different drawer depths and new zero protrusion hinges (CLIPtop BLUMOTION) are a new development, allowing designers to specify internal pull-outs for a standard larder cabinet.

The kitchen zone showed off wooden drawers with MOVENTO runners and LEGRABOX pull-outs in SPACE TOWER units – and demonstrated the wide variety of widths available – from 300mm to 1200mm wide, again ensuring huge flexibility for designers.

The new product zone featured developments such as the Onyx Black hinge and a CRISTALLO hinge and TANDEMBOX Antaro drawers in Orion Grey. The BLUMOTION S was presented too; it’s a new runner system that means the Blum’s three motion options (BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON BLUMOTION) can be used with just the one runner profile. Definitely for fitting techno-geeks, but beautifully presented and ably demonstrated.

The Retailer zone showed how installing five drawers in a kitchen (the average number in an average kitchen) could take on a whole new dimension with a bit of thought. Extra-wide drawers, internal pull-outs, sink drawers, extra depth – there are so many variations that most consumers will never have considered, and the Blum Retail Services Representatives are always available to help Retailers with their displays.

The Technical Services zone showed, amongst other things, details of the installers app and LIVE SUPPORT, part of the Technical Helpline system providing info, help and support for anyone installing Blum products. All in all, the stand had great appeal to a wide range of visitors – from designers, architects and specifiers who need to know the finest details and possibilities about new Blum products, to the guys who actually install kitchens and cabinetry using Blum products and who want to learn about the latest developments and how to in install them.
Blum UK T: 0800 917 5550

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