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Claire has recently joined Premier Kitchens and Bedrooms, as Showroom Manager of their six showrooms, and visited the Blum Showroom today to view the products and talk with me about the new items that will soon being shown at each branch.

Premier’s showrooms currently show Blum hinges/drawers and lift systems and they are looking to add value and offer the consumer a full range of accessories, and will be showing Blum internal dividing systems and Orga-Line to offer fully funtional and practical kitchens for the user.

Andrea demonstrates easy access and storage in Blum's Space-Tower

Andrea demonstrates easy access and storage in Blum’s Space-Tower

Claire was very keen on the Blum Space-Tower unit and could see the benefits of a pull- out drawer system to store consumables, the addition of dividing systems and Orga-Line enhanced the drawers for perfect organisation and access.

Dividing Walls - Baking Trays - Easy Access

Dividing Walls – Baking Trays – Easy Access!

Claire could immediately see the benefit of adding a dividing wall inside the drawer to store baking trays/ chopping boards verticaly, no more crashing around in the cupboard and taking out all the trays for the required tray, easy access and stored right next to the cooker – using the principles of Dynamic Space.

Bedroom display with Intivo drawers

Bedroom display with Intivo drawers – propping shows lifestyle and helps consumer visualise product in their own home

We also looked at the new bedroom display, with Aventos Servo-drive and Intivo drawers, Claire liked the showroom propping and added that it certainly helps the user with ideas and, in turn, visualise the product in their own homes.

It was lovely to see you today Claire, look forward to the next stage… propping your showrooms!

Claire Butters is the Showroom Manager for Premier Kitchens and Bedrooms in Peterborough.

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