Clever Kitchens: Storage Advice from Life Kitchens


As we all know, the most elegant and beautiful kitchen in the world is going to be a disappointment if it’s internal design and fittings aren’t optimised for ease of use and practicality. So … we’re bringing you some advice and observations over the next few weeks from some of our favourite kitchen design experts.

This time, Daniela Condo, designer at Life Kitchens in London SE1, offers words of wisdom regarding maximising kitchen storage space.

Fine-Crafted Timeless Look

‘The kitchen is the hub of the home and can easily become cluttered, so explore different storage options to ensure a smooth cooking experience. Think about the proximity of the storage areas to the appliances. Place units to benefit the activity within different areas to create an easy workflow. The placement of storage is a fundamental element of kitchen design’

Decadent Look

‘Corner cupboards can be difficult to access but there are solutions available, and a dedicated internal corner system hugely improves the ease of use of the available space – which is often quite generous in a corner situation’

Opulent Look

‘Pull-out interior shelves for cupboards are highly efficient and perfect for tidying away herb and spice jars and smaller condiments. Pull-down options offer easier and greater accessibility for those with high-mounted wall cabinets’

Refined Look

‘Pull-out larders are a brilliant space-saving addition that provides ample space for storing packets, boxes, jars and bottles in a way that can be easily accessed and all items seen at a glance. We always say that this helps to minimise food waste and makes it easy to gather ingredients together for a particular recipe’

Modern Classic Look

‘Drawers are vital for a great kitchen design, bringing versatility to the space. Deep drawers for pans with shallow drawers layered above are excellent for keeping smaller utensils next to the saucepans and serving dishes’

Seamless Look

‘If you have the space, a kitchen island is a logical and practical way of getting more out of your kitchen layout. An island offers many storage opportunities and also increases the opportunities for the cook to socialise and interact with family and guests – rather than being at the other end of the room’

Daniela Condo, Life Kitchens

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