Colour your home in Denim Drift – Colour of the year 2017


Denim DriftThe colours that we use in our home can be so powerful, evoking feelings of calm and relaxation or adding a splash of colour that is uplifting and fun.

Here at Modern Homes we love working with colour when we are designing kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms and look forward every year to new releases from manufacturers that reflect the current colour trends. There are many things that influence colour trends and a recent presentation from Dulux provided a fascinating insight into how they researched their colour of the year for 2017, Denim Drift.

Global research experts from all over the world contributed design knowledge and shared their inspirations and influences in order to develop their future trends report.

The result provided four global trends, 45 trend colours and one colour of the year. The four trends have themes that are related to lifestyles and ideas. These include, new romanticism, shared individualism, the working home and considered luxury.


Each of the four themes also have their own colour palette in which Denim Drift is represented along with other shades of blue for the new romanticism, extending into earthy corals for the shared individualism and working home palette and back to soft shades of blue for the considered luxury grouping.

The blue-grey hue of Denim drift is inspired by the everyday blue that is the colour of life, the sky and the water that revitalises and inspires. Blue can be classic and contemporary and Denim Drift is a shade that is soothing, restful and calming.

Whilst this may seem far removed from your everyday experience of colour it really does translate into a colour palette that reflects the mood of the moment. I personally love the chosen shade and all of the supporting colours.


Painted furniture is increasingly popular in the kitchen and these lovely new shades provide plenty of opportunity to introduce colour, as a background, a feature or a theme. Why not talk to your local kitchen designer and find your perfect colour for 2017.

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