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With restaurants unlikely to re-open until later this summer at the earliest, we’re all set for a lot more home cooking in the weeks and months to come. The lockdown we’ve all endured since March has not only helped save lives but it’s also given many of us the opportunity to embrace a new-found love of cooking. As well as having to think of new and exciting recipes to create day in, day out and using immune-boosting ingredients to keep us as healthy as possible, it’s been quite a challenge shopping for supplies when, in the early days, the shelves were pretty bare. There are plenty of recipes online that you can have a go at and lots of groovy gadgets and small appliances that can be delivered to you at home to ramp up your culinary game.

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Some of us may also have been planning a new kitchen this year. There’s still plenty to play for as you can use this time wisely, gathering ideas for what you want from your new design, thinking about what does and doesn’t work in your current kitchen and creating your own moodboard with cuttings, samples and swatches of colours, materials and styles that you love. Check out Instagram for some great inspiration and maybe get some virtual design advice from one of the many kitchen designers and showrooms that are offering this service during lockdown. Ask other members of your household what they would like from the new design too and brainstorm some ideas over coffee one morning to build up a picture of what could work better for your family’s lifestyle.

Photo by Brent Darby

To give you some food for thought, we took a sneaky peek behind closed doors to see what a Michelin starred Italian chef uses himself at home. For Simone Zanoni, his kitchen design of choice is the innovative C3 culinary system from Marrone + Mesubim, which offers all the functions of a professional chef’s kitchen yet is designed for the home environment (@chefzanoni_simone).

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Manufactured near Venice in Northern Italy, the Marrone + Mesubim C3 was created after a period of conceptual design, prototype development and consultation with a personal network of Michelin chefs. Inspired by the minimise-to-maximise Japanese ideology, the integrated ‘wash-cut-cook’ elements are the backbone of the C3 so everything is within easy reach.

Photo by Brent Darby

The wash section has washing facilities at the back with a Dornbracht tap and flexible hose and a sous-vide conveniently located next to the sink. There is also a sliding board to clean ingredients and an integrated basket below to hold the freshly washed produce in place.

Photo by Brent Darby

Next, the cut section is centred in the run of a 3m counter with a Corian condiment shelf and eye-level customisable chef’s drawer for knives and utensils.

Photo by Brent Darby

Finally, the cook section comes with a choice of induction or gas burners, a pot filler directly above for ease of pan filling, a hand-held mixer holder and an integrated spoon holder to keep utensils immediately re-usable.

Photo by Brent Darby

Whether you embrace this look as a whole or take elements from it to inspire your own design, use these next few months to plan, plan and plan some more to ensure you get the dream kitchen you truly need and want once lockdown is over.

Photos by Brent Darby

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