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We’ve always got our eyes open for the latest new ideas and concepts for interiors, and this month we are delighted to bring you words of wisdom regarding Tom Howley bespoke kitchens, some very practical suggestions from EnMasse a new shade from Everhot and the newest cabinetry from Moores.

Tom Howley Bespoke Kitchens ‘Dark and dramatic paint colours such as black have a way of adding ambience and sophistication to a space. Dark shades can come across as intimidating; however, it’s in the way you use them that changes the feel. Used on the main run of base and wall cabinetry, dark colours can look luxurious and courageous while still having a timeless, intimate appeal. If you’re not feeling as brave, then combine dark paint shades with a green accent such as Moonstone or a classic neutral like Tansy for a balanced look that still has an impact.’ This is the Hartford collection in Stormy Sky, by Tom Howley.

‘This is the Kavanagh collection in Nightshade  … this impeccable dark grey shaker style kitchen brings a classic concept bang up to date. The use of open shelving on the walls and inside the island gives numerous storage options as well as a place to display prized pieces. The striking dark grey finish looks both luxurious and contemporary and works wonderfully with the white worktops. The strategically placed lighting inside the shelves gives the room a warm, inviting glow after dark.’

‘Our Devine collection in Inky Sky has a very traditional look and the Inky Sky shade looks dramatic and sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to use large areas of colour in your kitchen. Move away from multiple shades and focus on one key colour that will work to give your consistency and amplify the design. Think about what look you want to go for, do you want to create a dark cosy sanctuary or a kitchen with calming qualities using gentle, refreshing shades? Both walls and cabinetry painted in the same colour can simplify your scheme and actually make your room feel more spacious.’

This example of our Hartford kitchen in Nightshade shows how a charcoal paint finish is a great choice for industrial style kitchens while retaining an element of contemporary sophistication. The fusion between the two styles in this kitchen works perfectly, with mainly low level furniture that allows the texture of the exposed brick to add warmth and raw beauty to the room. It’s to no surprise that our paint colour Nightshade is becoming one of the most popular choices moving into 2021.’

We also heard from chef Emma Martin, follow her on Instagram @planted_emmpire for her wonderful plant-based recipes and menus, available for local delivery and collection in Southend-on-Sea. Her new kitchen is by EnMasse Interiors and she talked us through the reasons for the design decisions taken to achieve this amazing space.

‘The main focus of the kitchen is the large-scale peninsular. This enables me to include friends, family or clients whilst I cook on one side of the kitchen; allowing me to interact and entertain whilst doing my work. There’s a seated dining surface at one end for six people with no leg restrictions which acts like a traditional table. On one side of the peninsular there is seating for eight people for a ‘Chef’s Table’, this way, all of the focus can be on my cooking process. Having such as large peninsular also affords me the space to cook and package my @planted_emmpire dishes each week for clients’.

‘The Gaggenau appliances are aesthetically beautiful and are always the go-to choice for any professional chef. Each of the four appliances have different and multiple functions. The main oven is also a grill and rotisserie, the steam oven allows me to sous vide, steam and re-generate food and the final multi-functional oven allows microwaving, grilling and oven baking. It is integral whilst running a food business to be able to access three ovens all at the same time. The sous vide drawer allows me to vacuum seal foods; maintaining their nutritional content, flavour and moisture. Two plate warming draws heat plates for dining or can be used for slow cooking and keeping food warm. Our Gaggenau coffee machine is the most used appliance in the kitchen and has been the biggest blessing during lockdown! It is always a pleasure to make high-quality barista coffee for guests and clients …

‘The aim of the kitchen was to have almost everything hidden. As a professional chef, running a plant-based food brand, I need a myriad of herbs, spices and other pantry goods close to hand –  which can often look cluttered. We achieved a hidden look with the large bank of units and opted for pocket doors to conceal the hob and extractor fan. As a client or guest, when expecting a fine dining experience, the room has to be set up both quickly and beautifully in order create a restaurant ambience’.

David Conlon, founder and head designer at EnMasse Interiors, adds ‘There was a good length to this room but as the space was quite narrow we needed to make it look as open and spacious as possible. The coherent floor to ceiling back run elongates and maximises the space. The antique grey mirrored splashback adds width to the space and helps by reflecting garden and outdoor space, too.

The Corian  peninsular allowed for extra worktop and extra storage over an island. As it’s made form Corian if it gets a little worn from professional use it can be refinished if necessary in the future. It’s huge, at 4.9 meters long and can comfortably seat six to ten people around the entire space. All cabinetry is by EnMasse Bespoke, in a low-sheen concrete finish.

With a touch of spring in the air already, we wanted to show you one of Everhot’s electric range cookers, shown here in Sage and looking very seasonal too!  Looking at some facts and figures from the Everhot team, it’s very interesting to note that running costs are between £12-£14 per week and that Everhot has been carbon negative for over 25 years. Each Everhot cooker simply needs to be connected to a standard 13amp plug, so definitely worth putting on your ideas list if you’re thinking of moving or planning a new kitchen. Find out more about the Everhot 120, shown above.

We feel duty-bound to bring you news of interesting and new colours added to kitchen ranges … So here are three very desirable new shades from the Moores team. Firstly, Kensington Blue has been added to the very successful Shaker range. Brass and copper accessories are available, to achieve a contemporary feel within a classic Shaker look.

Go for a very simple classic look with Kensington White from Moores.  A great choice if you, or your clients, don’t want to commit to a dark shade.

And lastly, we adore the stunning and new Kensington Green from Moores. Brochures are available online, as well as virtual online showroom tours.

Everything stops for tea … well actually, tea is pretty much continually topped up in this house! Excited to hear about the new Mellow Mint Microtea from waterdrop, it’s a blend of mint, lemon, verbena and apple, in the form of a dissolving cube (rather than a teabag). Well if it stops the daughter leaving drippy teabags and their strings all over the kitchen it’s a winner!

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