Technology taking over your kitchen (Part 1)


It’s incredible the new products that are coming out which now involve the technology to link wirelessly to your Android devices. Tablets and Smart phones are now just a day to day occurrence in the households of everyone, so why not tailor your kitchen to take advantage of the technology which is ever growing!

This is my first instalment of the stunning high tech features which are now available in the Kitchen market.

The Dacor Discovery Wall Oven is a 30 Inch Wi-Fi connectivity cooker, which does all the hard work for you!

The Dacor Discovery Wall Oven

The Dacor Discovery Wall Oven

Although you have to insert the dish into the oven, you can select a desired recipe from the display menu or download one online and relax as the oven takes care of the rest.

The cooker comes with a full-colour LCD display with Glass Touch controls and innovative control functions including the Dacor Guide, personal recipe storage, and a customizable colour display.

The tech savvy Discovery™ IQ 30-inch Wall Oven by Dacor sports Wi-Fi connectivity can be monitored via smart phone or tablet from any room in the home!

The tech savvy oven can be monitored via smart phone

The tech savvy oven can be monitored via smart phone

When your meal is ready, the oven will automatically switch to warming mode and send a text message to you to let you know dinner is ready!

To make your life even more easy both ovens are self cleaning so no need for harmful chemicals.

Prices start at approximately £5,000 for a double oven (as above) and around £3,000 for a single oven

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