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Spring is in the air… well almost… that’s if you are not under water!!!

But look closely and you can see the first shoots of the spring bulbs starting to break through and to be fair we have hardly had a frost yet!

Down at Earls Court the first spring offerings are starting to make their way into the world. The Top Drawer and Home shows are well under way with a plethora of exciting new products destined for the high street and ultimately your home!

Here are 5 of the best…

Hot kettle by Seletti

Hot kettle by Seletti

The stylish Italian designers have done it again with this almost retro look hob kettle. It’s built in whistle lets you know when the water is at the optimum temperature for the perfect cup of tea!

The Assistent Food Mixer by Ankarsrum

The Assistent Food Mixer by Ankarsrum

The legendary Swedish food processor is now available in the UK!

This updated model now has an 800W motor and is available in a range of colours.

The designers claim that this machine comes closest to making perfect dough with a unique roller and scraper design that mimics the action of kneading by hand. Unlike other stand mixers, the Assistent rotates the bowl rather than the dough hook.

Can’t wait to get the oven on!

Special spoons by Royal VKB

Special spoons by Royal VKB

Why are so many of the best ideas so simple?

Here we have the simply named Special Spoons!

Each spoon is designed for a particular application, such as retrieving olives from an awkward jar without removing all of the oil. Simples!

The D-Cap Bottle Opener by Royal VKB

The D-Cap Bottle Opener by Royal VKB

This unique bottle opener easily opens caps from both standard glass pull bottle types as well as the twist off lid variety found on plastic bottles. A quick and simple hand movement and it’s off in a jiffy!

Regency Toaster Collection by Rowlett Rutland

Regency Toaster Collection by Rowlett Rutland

These British made toasters have actually been in manufacture since the sixties!

Available in twelve funky standard colours and special colours available on request, breakfast toast doesn’t get any groovier than this!

So here they are… five spring time sensations….

Better get down to the shops ….Quick!!

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