Traditional Mexican Dessert: Bananas with Sour cream & Cinnamon

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The Mexican leg to find the tastiest food from around the globe comes to an end with a traditional Mexican Dessert… Bananas with Sour cream & Cinnamon – serves four people

Bananas with sour cream & Cinnamon

Bananas with sour cream & Cinnamon – serves four


  • 2 peeled bananas
  • sour cream
  • cinnamon
  • 1 cup of olive oil
  • 2 spoons of butter

Instructions: (Prep time 15 min)

  1. Cut the bananas lengthwise and then cut them in half
  2. Take a frying pan, heat the olive oil and the 2 spoons of butter over low heat
  3. Fry the banana slices in the hot oil and butter until brown. Drain on absorbent towels
  4. To serve, place the fried banana slices on a plate and add sour cream to taste and, of course, sprinkle generously with cinnamon!

Suggestion: this delicious dessert can also be served with Vanilla Ice Cream (my preference…)

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