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If you’re designing a new kitchen, take some tips from the experts at John Lewis of Hungerford; when you’re done, look for new tiles, appliances and accessories to add those final perfect flourishes …

01 JLH Shaker Layon Kitchen_Blake Blue_priced from £25k inc. vat_

OK, I admit it, I am besotted by dark blue at the moment. Yes, yes, yes, I’m still a huge fan of jungle green and blush-pink and rose gold but I’m having a blue phase. Although I don’t think I’ll be changing the colour of my tasteful pale mocha coloured kitchen any time soon I can’t resist the deep, moody blues that are around at the moment. I’ve just got hold of Velvet Blue and Como Blue tester pots by Zoffany, and will be trying them out as background colours for some newly-installed book shelving. (Along with some bold reds by Fired Earth and Farrow & Ball).

02 JLH Shaker Layon Kitchen_Blake Blue_priced from £25k inc. vat

However, back to kitchens … these shots show the gorgeous Shaker Layon kitchen by John Lewis of Hungerford, painted in Blake Blue. Prices for John Lewis of Hungerford kitchens start at £25,000, see the rest of the ranges here there’s also an in-frame version of the Shaker style cabinetry as well.

03 JLH Shaker Layon Kitchen_Blake Blue_portrait_priced from £25k inc. vat

As illustrated above and below, a dark colour choice doesn’t make the room dark at all, it has a wonderful defining effect, making the rest of the kitchen components – open shelves, flooring and work surfaces look extra crisp and neat.

04 JLH Shaker Layon Kitchen_Blake Blue_worktop_priced from £25k inc. vat

The pleasure of made to order cabinetry is, of course, how it can be adjusted to fit difficult spaces – and shown here below – the cupboard layout makes the most of an under-stairs area – also by John Lewis of Hungerford, this time painted in Lysandra Blue. Once again, colour is shown to be vital … and of course there is always the possibility of re-painting and refreshing in a few years’ time.

05 JLH Shaker Layon Cupboards_Lysandra Blue

06 Gorenje Special Edition VW Bulli OBRB153BL Retro Refrigerator - lifestyle high res

We are all in love with the latest fridge from Gorenje. It’s inspired by the iconic Volkswagen VW Bulli, and is part of their super-duper retro collection. It comes in Baby Blue and Bordeaux, and has an admirable A+++ energy efficiency rating, 260 litre capacity and IonAir and DynamiCooling technology. So, in a nutshell, this is the perfect choice for an industrial-retro-quirky kitchen.

07 Domus_Smink Things-110sm

If the retro fridge has inspired you to think about updating (or should that be retro-dating!) your kitchen, take a look at some of the new Domus Smink Things tiles. They have a definite air of the 1960s and 1970s, and come a good range of colours, which can be added as an accent colour to rev up a neutral scheme, or could provide a whole new colour concept for a brand new kitchen. The range is designed by Marianne Smink, the tiles are hand-crafted ceramic, and can be installed in a million different ways to create different patterns and effects. In 34 colours and two sizes, so there’s plenty of opportunity for creative individuality. Shown here above, Recubed in Green Tones, tiles are 14cm square, from £494 per sq m. Below, Smink Things in Going Overground in Orange/Sand, 10cm x 30cm tiles, prices are from £541 per sq m. Visit the Domus website here to discover your nearest showroom.

08 Domus_Smink Things-121sm

I’m finding it very difficult to resist ordering at least one of these clocks, below, which are by Ardeola, and which fit in perfectly with my 1960s house. The trouble is, is one enough? Which to choose? And I’m only showing you three of them, there are lots of others! Oh dear … look out Handmade at Amazon! See the whole range here, shown below from left; Moon Blue Purple Silver clock; Radium clock and Peacock clock.



I love being (or trying to be) organised, and buy far too many boxes and storage crates … to the extent that although everything is nearly stacked, I end up forgetting what is where. (Which means I need to start labelling things properly, I fancy getting one of the old-fashioned clicky Dymo labelling gadgets!). However, a couple of these Wham ‘buckets’ have proved extremely useful recently. One for outdoor use – gathering up the back garden cuttings and general clippings etc, the other for general laundry use – flinging things in to be washed, carting wet laundry around and collecting dry items from the line. Great colours and a great price too … from £2.50 up to £7, visit the wonders of The Plastic Box shop to order yourself a selection in pastel or bright shades. Be warned though, just one visit and you will disappear into a shopping/organising frenzy.
12 Coral Clothes S

And finally, a couple of jolly good ideas. See below for the IonSlim 5K Portable Charger, which is £49. Yes, that’s a bit of an outlay but it prevents panic-buying over-priced or unsuitable portable chargers when stranded in a random train station or motorway service station. (Yes, it’s happened to me…) Visit the Moshi website here.

13 IonSlim 5K Portable Charger, £49 (1)
And just because these are gorgeous and if you’re fed up of choosing kitchens, tiles and practical stuff, why not treat yourself to some extremely practical fold-up flatties. These are from Cocorose, have a look at the whole range …


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