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In a world where people are busier than ever before, convenience and speed have become desirable commodities. Luckily, the emergence of various technologies has enabled individuals to spend less time on mundane everyday tasks within the workplace as well as their own home.

Some of the biggest technological developments have come from Wi-Fi enabled devices that can be controlled in conjunction with one another to create a ‘connected’ working or living environment. Referred to as ‘smart devices’, they have captured the imagination and wallets of consumers.

Interested in emerging technological trends, ( analysed the latest findings from ‘Mindshare’, who surveyed more than 6,000 Brits to identify the new type of smart technology they would most like to own in their home.

• A smart thermostat, which automatically adjusts based on an individual’s body temperature (46%), is the smart technology device Brits would most like to own.

• Thereafter, a smart vacuum cleaner that can also move items and clutter off the floor (40%), is the next highly desired smart device that homeowners will happily purchase and use.

• Interestingly, 37% are attracted by the concept of a smart fridge that suggests recipes based on what food is inside while 34% want kitchen appliances that can connect and be remotely controlled by smart speakers and/or voice assistants. Surprisingly, 32% are drawn to the appeal of a laundry-folding robot.

• Contrastingly, a smart kettle that can be controlled by a phone (30%), is the smart tech product that Brits are least open to purchasing and using.

• Equally, just 30% would consider fitting smart shelves that can automatically and conveniently re-order items as soon as they run out.

• The survey also reveals that 35% are keen to try an interactive shopping experience, where they can buy the clothing people are wearing on TV through an app in real time.

Furthermore, Recycle Zone also sought to determine how open the British public would be to harnessing technology in different life situations. From this, it was discovered that Brits would be most open to watching a theatre production or concert live streamed to their local cinema (43%). Similarly, 37% want to experience a concert or event from the comfort of their sofa via a virtual reality (VR) headset. Contrastingly, only 27% would plan to virtually meet up with their friends to play games using a VR headset. Slightly above, 29% have a preference to live video chat with a sales person as opposed to physically going to talk to them – this way also avoiding the issues typically associated with in-store shopping, such as long queues and lack of parking.

“Technology has significantly evolved,” confirms Shawn Hallums, a spokesperson for “We are in the era of instant gratification – where people want to utilise technology that makes different aspects of their life easier and more efficient. Companies have quickly realised this and created a multitude of devices and applications to cater to this apparent need. Now with a plethora of innovations available on the mass market, many of them have proved to be hugely popular and valuable. As existing and new technology advances and develops, consumers’ expectations will undoubtedly grow. This research highlights the new wave of smart technology which is exciting Brits the most.”

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