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Adding a splash of colour to your home is a great way to personalise your pad and as more of us continue to improve rather than move, it’s a trend that’s definitely on the up. Kitchens of course, offer infinite opportunities for making a statement, whether it’s a subtle shade or a bold bright or something in between. There’s painted cabinetry, high gloss lacquer units, citrus inspired appliances, flame red coffee machines…. Not to mention colourful worktops, splashbacks, cookware, tableware and accessories.

But how do you know which tone is right for you and your lifestyle?

KBSA member Tina Riley from Modern Homes in Leamington has some helpful hints to help you choose the perfect palette.

‘Colours have deep subliminal meanings,’ she explains, ‘that affect our thinking and rationale, so it pays to spend some time considering how to make things work properly for you. We’re faced with colour choices on a daily basis – from deciding what to wear through to our décor – so it makes sense to do a bit of research and planning before splashing out.’

Tina’s advice is to think about the colours that appeal to you in daily life. Look at the clothes, car, furniture and fabrics that you surround yourself with. This should help you decide on a palette that feels right.

‘Nature is also a great inspirer,’ adds Tina. ‘Colours that appear naturally in nature will always blend well together and in your house interior. Earthy tones of greens, browns and creams would be ideal to create a relaxing, peaceful environment, but remember that whatever the colour, the darker the shade you use, the more obvious and dramatic it becomes.’

Here’s Tina’s analysis of what your colour choice says about you:

RED: Vibrant, warm and energetic. A great colour for kitchens, red has been shown to increase the appetite and this is often the reason that many restaurants choose some form of red for their dining rooms.

Futura red silk and black gloss kitchen

Futura red silk and black gloss kitchen from the Cucina Colore range at Mereway Kitchens (

YELLOW: Inspires optimism and feelings of well-being – a great colour for a sunroom, hallway or porch. As you leave or enter the house, you’ll get a burst of optimism and positivity.

SieMatic’s S3 kitchen

SieMatic’s S3 kitchen now comes with interchangeable colour grip slots (

PURPLE: Although purple signifies wealth and romanticism, it’s a colour not often found in the natural world and can look very artificial. It works best if blended with more natural colours like yellow and green.

Couture kitchen from Über

Couture kitchen in Aubergine from Über (

WHITE: Symbolises fertility and cleanliness, which makes it a perfect base colour for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s easy to clean and knowing your room is clean and fresh can put your mind at rest and aid relaxation.

Air kitchen designed by deVOL

Air kitchen, made from HI-MACS®, designed by deVOL (

GREEN: Inspires concentration so is very apt for a home office.

Linear kitchen from Harvey Jones

Linear kitchen from Harvey Jones (

BLUE: A calming colour that shows creativity and intelligence. It’s also a colour that looks good in almost any shade and can be a very popular choice with males.

Blue Agate and natural Oak kitchen from Neil Lerner Designs

Blue Agate and natural Oak kitchen from Neil Lerner Designs (

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