Form, Function and Fabulous…


kbbLDN 2013

The great thing about exhibitions is that there is always something that catches your eye, even if you do think you have seen it all before!

That certainly was the case at this weekends kbb show at London’s Excel.

Sharing the spotlight with three other exhibitions under one roof, the arc show, dx and interiors ldn, the kbb show featured a host of international and home grown exhibitors.

kbbLDN 2013 drinks cooler

How would you integrate your drinks cooler? An exotic example of creative ‘Form’!

kbbLDN 2013 S-Box 1

kbbLDN 2013 S-Box 2

The s-box company showed numerous examples from their collection, above can be seen integrated pop-up power sockets and ipad compartments; brilliant design ‘Function’.

kbbLDN 2013 fabulous

Would this fit in your hallway? Arguably the most spectacular exhibits were these breathtaking chandeliers .

A very fitting conclusion for those who desire the absolutely ‘Fabulous’ …

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