Fresh Ideas – The Elemental Kitchen from DeVOL, Charlie Smallbone and The Caulfield Company


We’re in love with this new kitchen collaboration which was unveiled at the Chelsea Flower Show, combining an array of materials, finishes and looks.

The Caulfield Company at CFS2018 DeVol

This spectacular project generated a lot of interest at the iconic show. The glass conservatory structure is by The Caulfield Company, the kitchen furniture and cabinetry is the result of a collaboration between the team at deVOL and Charlie Smallbone. Neither of whose names need any introduction at all!

The Caulfield Company at CFS2018 DeVol+CS

The kitchen features copper door panels with Verdigris patterning. Aged brass pivot hinges are welded into minimal brass door frames. The elemental kitchen is naturally bespoke, combining wood, metal and stone to create a unique look and feel for each individual installation. The conservatory itself is by Caulfield & Company.

The Caulfield Company at CFS2018 DeVol+CS

The design team members are Charlie Smallbone and Sue Smallbone, and from deVOL; Paul O’Leary, Robin McLellan, Helen Parker, Ben Creed, Huw Janes and Stephanie O’Leary. A price guide for a kitchen is from £50,000. For more details, visit Charlie Smallbone; deVOL; and Caulfield & Company.

The Shaker Kitchen Company

This bold colour choice is for a simple Shaker kitchen, from The Shaker Kitchen Company. Branches include Cirencester, Godalming, Winchester and Fulham, and the concept is to supply affordable, handmade kitchens in simple, timeless Shaker designs. Prices are from around £10,000. Visit the website here.

Pronorm's Proline kitchen in Bronze and Stratus Grey matt lacquer hi res

My next choice for this month is the gorgeous Proline kitchen from Pronorm, in Bronze and Stratus Grey matt lacquered finish. This particular finish has the look of aged leather, with a velvety feel. This would be a clever colour choice for anyone who might want to change their colour scheme in the future, we can imagine silver grey, golds and copper accents in this room. See the rest of the Pronorm collection here.

LochAnna Kitchens, Lastra Fjord & Grey Grained Oak

And final kitchen inspiration for June … the gorgeous Lastra Fjord and Grey Grained Oak kitchen by LochAnna Kitchens. This combination provides a perfect, relaxed and laid-back Nordic look, which won’t date and will always look fresh and clean. This particular layout is a good example of a ‘broken plan’ layout, which is different from the much-used ‘open plan’. Basically, a broken plan layout means that the space has been broken down into particular zones. See the rest of the LochAnna collection here.

Industville Brooklyn Step Pendant Brass

However sleek and stylish your kitchen cabinets are, it’s difficult to resist a change of pace for the lighting and accessories; we’re still seeing the successful combination of industrial, reclamation and distressed styles with smooth and sophisticated cabinetry. The Brooklyn Step Pendant in Brass (above) is a great choice, available from Industville.

Industville Globe Cluster Shade Chandelier Industville Turner Solid Wood & Metal Adjustable Bar Stool

Continue the industrial theme with more practical choices; here is the Globe Cluster Shade Chandelier – this would suit a hall, landing or other stairwell and would become a fabulous talking point. And for matching bar stools look at the Turner wood and metal adjustable bar stools; all from Industville again; see the whole collection here. The prices are appealing too … Image supplied by Almaluna Interiors


Ok, so you may have chosen a tasteful pale grey or light wood kitchen. Which will, of course, look elegant and fabulous forever! But why not go out on a limb with the colour for the cooker and appliances? We love the new Professional Series range cooker PROF366GASROT by Bertazonni, awarded a Red Dot Award for 2018. It’s a 36” wide six burner gas oven with two fans, and a triple-glazed door that maximises useable space. Visit the website here to see the other high spec designs available.

Fresh Works FOOD DEXAM FOREST AND FORGE 18cm Sheffield Santoku

Two more worthwhile additions to your kitchen kit … a selection of Sistema storage boxes will keep fruit, herbs and vegetables fresher for longer. Honestly. The FreshWorks produce savers have a built-in FreshVent filter which means foods will last at least a few days longer than if stored in a filter-less container. It’s worked with strawberries, coriander and raspberries so far. (Not all at the same time!) From £4.99 to £9.99, worth splashing out if you regularly throw away a lot of fresh food that hasn’t kept well. I haven’t looked at knives for a while, but fully intend to further investigate the Forest & Forge Santoku knifes by Dexam; see the extensive range here; there’s definitely something for all levels of skill and dexterity. Made in Sheffield style using English wood and British steel. Paring, bread, utility and chef’s knives also available from the same range.

And finally … three fabulous shopping suggestions.

dunelm cuckooland Swan hand held steamer

I need to replace some of my pristine plain white crockery … I thought it looked terribly sophisticated (thank you, Sainsbury’s) but I’ve managed to chip a fair few pieces. So I may take a trip across town to Dunelm to investigate the lovely jungly green animal and patterned crockery. This Zebra plate is £10. Meanwhile, the temptation to buy bright zingy orange accessories never recedes; at the moment I’m contemplating a modest investment (£45) in this Zodiac Paper Lampshade in Goldfish Orange. Different folded paper shapes are also available in French Blue, Swedish Green and English Mustard, all from Cuckooland. Anyone who knows me will verify that I don’t iron. Well maybe once or twice a year if I have to go to a posh event. But, things have been transformed by this little hand-held steamer by Swan. Just fill it up, plug it in and steam away! (My only mild criticism is that the lead could be longer, or could we have a cordless/rechargeable version please?) Works best with items that are hanging up. And it also works well on curtains and Roman blinds too. Although, (professional tip alert) don’t be too enthusiastic when steaming embroidered silk, the structural difference between the silk embroidery thread and silk fabric means that steaming can sometimes distort the fabric.

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