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So … it’s a huge relief to be enjoying the sunshine and blooming gardens plus the perfection of the Chelsea Flower Show and of course, we have all been gripped by Royal Wedding palaver and sense of celebration too! However, back to the kitchen matters in hand; I’ve been looking at some inspirational new kitchen designs and ideas …


Tom Howley Kavanagh in Nightshade, from £40,000, Tom Howley (2)

The new Kavanagh kitchen collection by Tom Howley

I just had to show you this glorious new interpretation of a classic Shaker-style kitchen; it’s the Kavanagh from bespoke kitchen makers Tom Howley, see the here, for some interesting and innovative ideas … they are masters of the dark and dramatic look, but have also perfected the subtlety combining pale neutrals, naturals and greys too. Well worth considering if you’re looking for a timeless, classic style.


Hub Kitchens Bespoke TM Italia Kitchen from £40,000

The Bespoke TM Italia Kitchen from Hub Kitchens

More news … the Hub Kitchens design team, which have featured in our Case Study section several times (we love their innovative, inspirational and colourful ideas!) have recently had a new recruit, interior designer Kim Vanopstal, who studied in Belgium and joined the team to offer a complete interior design service.

Hub Kitchens, kitchens from £40,000 (4)

Open plan living and clever storage from Hub Kitchens

When asked about her predictions for the big trends for 2019, Kim replied ‘I hope the trend of embracing colour in the kitchen will continue. I also predict that designers will look for ways to soften the kitchen by incorporating more rounded corners and organic shapes in their kitchen designs. There has been great innovation in surface materials that make this possible – I’m looking forward to working with this ideas in 2019’.


TM Italia Neolite kitchen available from Hub Kitchens (22)

Gorgeous lighting and contrast surfaces … the TM Italia Neolite kitchen from Hub Kitchens

She explains that it’s the challenges that make designing fun and interesting. ‘Every project has some type of challenge, be it a lack of light, low ceilings, wonky walls or a demanding brief. Being able to transform an imperfect space into a place where people want to be is very rewarding. The biggest challenges are often when the client isn’t receptive to new ideas and materials which differ to those they had originally planned’


Hub Kitchens, kitchens from £40,000 (5)

Perfectly pale and interesting, comprising plenty of storage, prep and seating … by Hub Kitchens

Her view is that everyone has different requirements and different ways of cooking and living. ‘The one thing I need to deliver is what the client needs in order for it to work well for them. Family homes often use the kitchen as a place to gather at the end of the day of plenty of seating and living space is essential’.

Hub Kitchens TM Italia D90 T45 bespoke kitchen, from £40,000 (8)

Crisp angles and perfect corners in a TM Italia D90 T45 kitchen from Hub Kitchens


Shopping Ideas

Even if you aren’t actively planning a brand new kitchen, it’s very therapeutic to fine-tune some of your existing décor and storage ideas, to make the most of your existing kitchen space.

Wham Kitchens33

The new storage ideas from Wham Studio Baskets are simple, practical and stunning. Most are multi-purpose; for example this white rectangular tray can be used as a serving tray (great for drinks in the garden), shelf storage, or for all those annoying bits and bobs that end up in the corner of the work surface. Look at the range available here. The white ones are super for kitchens and bathrooms, the aqua ones are great for kids rooms or general storage anywhere in the home.

Client - Olive and the Fox // London //

With an early May birthday, my house has been full of flowers for a few weeks now. The regular watering, trimming and nurturing has been a joy but missing a day here and there has brought disaster with some of the bouquets! Fortunately, most seasonal summer blooms are fairly foolproof to look after. But, I have been secretly longing for some gorgeous faux bunches too! I already know about Wylde Home (a fabulous little shop in Shrewsbury) and of course, the immaculate offerings from Oka. However, a new addition to my list is Fox Flowers, especially their Lilac Gift bunches, which I think should be on everyone’s emergency gift list for difficult to buy for friends and relatives, and definitely on the ‘housewarming gift’ list too. See the range here.


Set any flowers, real or faux, off to perfection with a selection of glass vases from LSA International; even a few sprigs of garden greenery or plain white tulips, gyp or simple garden daisies will look wonderful in these colourful glass containers. See the whole LSA International collection here, widely available gift and glassware stockists as well as online.

eniTAB overhead_png

And finally … we all love a gadget, or, in this case, an addition to a gadget. If you’re fed up of the iPad tipping over or not propping up at quite the right angle, get hold of the eniTAB360 by Filofax. It does what it says on the tin, so to speak, with a sticky pad to stick to any style or brand of tablet, for perfect viewing positioning. See the range here.

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