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F&B Bancha No.298 (Traditional) 3 (RT)

We adore one of the new Farrow & Ball colours, Bancha, No. 298 described by F&B as a ‘protective olive green’ … I’m not sure about the protective bit, but it’s a fabulous colour, with a lovely warm depth to it, and a tone that will work with very pale shades. It could be adding contrast to a white or off-white scheme, but equally standing bold and positive next to dark greys and even tones of black. I’m really taken with it, have sploshed a couple of tester pots around the home and studio, and I’m currently pondering what to actually do with it! Anyway, it’s cheering to know that it’s also pointed me in the direction of a ‘green’ Christmas! Not so much in an eco-friendly way (I’ll try, honestly!) but just in a colour-theme manner. All the gorgeous tones of olive, emerald and leaf green that are around at the moment work in partnership with my existing overwhelmingly white, crystal and silver decorations and are going to add a breath of fresh, seasonal colour.

Before heading straight into Christmas ideas though, I wanted to show you a couple of colourful radiators from VASCO shown here, the bright yellow Oni aluminium radiator and the Carre steel radiator in Orange-Brown. It’s a sleek and colourful way of adding something different to an otherwise pale or neutral kitchen or bathroom, without committing to full walls, floors or cabinet in colour! Worth considering, and affordable too – the Carre is from £475.

next star decoration

I love putting decorations in all rooms – bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen – the Christmas decorative spirit is not just for living and dining rooms! Handle-less kitchens can be less than helpful, but a bit of sticky tape or white-tack didn’t do any harm. String a line of little tree decorations between pendant lights too, for a festive feel. This is a little pre-lit Star Wreath, hanging on a cupboard handle, from a lovely choice at Next.

marks and spencer plates

This set of four tea or cake plates is a lovely gift idea, or could just be used for decoration or display. You choose! Have a look here at this jolly set of Slogan Xmas Plates. I think they may fly off the shelves – potentially as prezzies, but ultimately being kept rather than given away!

john lewis presents

I rather like the idea of presents as decorations. We always seem to have a stray pile of wrapped gifts under the tree, they’ve either been mis-labelled, forgotten to be picked up, or arrangements have changed and we’re now not meeting up till mid-January! Whatever the reason, I love this picture showing off a super selection of Christmas wrap from John Lewis. I think I’ll reproduce this look on my living room windowsill (1960s house, huge wide windowsill!) – better start saving empty boxes now!

marks and spencer bedroom

A little bit of Christmas bedlinen never goes amiss, and this not only fits in with the green theme, it’s not toooooo Christmassy, so could be considered ‘seasonal’ rather than ‘Xmas’! It’s from a great selection at Marks & Spencer, as before.


Continuing with my ‘greenery’ theme, this is a tasteful and subtle take on the Christmas theme – easy to do in the hallway or living room. All these green decorations are from the Next Christmas Shop; my take on this would be to get out into the garden and snip off some real greenery to mix in with mini trees and decs. And if you’ve been clearing the garden, keep hold of any useful small branches to deck with mini baubles (inside or out!)


John Lewis Greens

OK, now we’re getting very precise and specific with some gorgeous greens! These three decorations are my choice of the season – perfect colours, collectable and so, so pretty. They’re all from John Lewis, you’ll have to venture into a store or buy on-line here. Be warned though … there are so many to choose from you’ll end up being tempted by lots of other designs!


Although making a home-made wreath is very satisfying and creative, it often gets forgotten in the general Christmas chaos and all of a sudden all the fresh ones are looking a bit limp in the shops and there’s no time left to do a home-made job. Here are two suggestions to make life easy; (left) look at those available in  Sainsburys Home departments. After all, if you’re battling through for the groceries you may as well pick up some interesting things as well … We also rather liked the jolly wreath from Paperchase. Their tree decorations are outrageously good too, everything from dinosaurs to dolphins … And finally, (centre) this is a little gem – a Santa in a glass dome, from the very wonderful and very inexpensive  Wilko. Hopefully, by the time December rolls in, today’s blog will have helped you get fully festive with less stress than usual!

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